November 16, 2022
New Momentum: Shenwan Port ⇋ Yantian Port New Feeder Service
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On 9 November 2022, the new feeder service from Shenwan Port to Yantian Port was successfully inaugurated with the call of "Shitai 329" at YANTIAN. The new service will be calling at YANTIAN twice a week.


The new feeder service, launched in response to the growing demand of customers in the cargo hinterlands of the Pearl River Delta, is able to shorten the transportation time by 1-2 days compared with land transport by trucks to YANTIAN for export. The new service not only reduces the overall logistics cost of customers, but also effectively extends the port services to the cargo catchment areas, greatly relieving the pressure posed by high yard density, shortening the overall waiting time for cargo transfer, and substantially improving the operational efficiency of the whole port area.


This new service allows exporters in the southern township of Zhongshan to enjoy efficient and convenient logistics services provided by YANTIAN. Currently, YANTIAN's feeder network covers major feeder ports in the vast Greater Bay Area, including over 10 ports in Shunde, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, and Dongguan. Capitalising on its well-developed feeder service, YANTIAN will continue to optimise the port alliance operation and gradually replicate it throughout the Greater Bay Area.

Looking ahead, with streamlined clearance procedures and lighter carbon footprint, Yantian Port will become smarter and stronger in the arena of the global port sector to empower the development of the Greater Bay Area.