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Mission - what is the purpose of YICT?

YICT contributes to the export-led economic growth of South China by providing world class container terminal services to the shipping industry and export / import community. The modern port enhances Shenzhen's attractiveness as a gateway to the South China manufacturing centre.

Vision - how does it look when we are successful?

China's first world class port in economic contributions, service and people development.

When YICT commenced operations in 1994, our mission statement was to establish Yantian as a world class container terminal in China -- world class in terms of throughput and economic contributions, as well as service and people development. In 2004, we rolled out the revised mission and vision. What's the difference? Why should we update it?

The old version focused on our own development to become world class ourselves while the new one considers more the external environment for the company development as well as defining its future development strategy, service targets and potential sphere of influence. In a decade, YICT has grown up and handles millions of TEU containers every year. Thus, its existence is not only related to the benefits of shareholders, but also has a close relationship with customers, staff, government and the rest of society as a whole. Our vision has to expand from the benefits of internal shareholders alone to all relevant parties and the entire society. We feel we have clearly defined our social role and responsibilities.

In this updated version, we have emphasised YICT's contribution to the region. Though we did not clearly state as much, we have been well aware that South China, where we are located, is the basic element contributing to our success. As a key part in the export-oriented economy of Shenzhen and even in the south of China, Yantian Port has a far-reaching influence on every importer and exporter, the local economy and its social development.

Over the past years, we have created value for our customers, provided importers and exporters in South China with an efficient and smooth gateway for shipment, and set an example for China's port and shipping industry. This role will be further enhanced with its visions of becoming China's first world class port. The "world class" concept will convey a single message in comparison with other port operators, YICT has advantages in efficiency and cost in the whole import and export trade chain. It is the most efficient and reliable operator in this chain. The "world class" is not only our goal but also our commitment to our customers. In the process of achieving this goal, we have not only to improve ourselves, but also create value for our customers.