January 19, 2023
New Joy to YANTIAN | Full Arrival of Ten Thousand Tons of Cherries
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Red as agate and sweet as honey,
Cherry is a symbol of joy, blessing and fortune.
On January 16th,
the Cherry Express AX1, carrying nearly 10,000 tons of cherries, arrived at YANTIAN.
Now that the Spring Festival is around the corner,
how could these delectable cherries from Chile catch the market in China just in time?


‘Nanny-style’ terminal services helps 10,000 tons of cherries delivering to the market at the same day


At the dawn of January 16th, the COPIAPO of Hapag-Lloyd, carrying nearly 10,000 tons of cherries, berthed at YANTIAN. With the full cooperation of all parties, the unloading of all the containers filled with cherries was completed in the afternoon of the same day. 100% of those done the Customs pre-declaration completed all pick-up procedures and were delivered to the market on that day. Among them, there were containers which were picked up and transported out of the gate within 10 minutes after unloading from the vessel. Such amazing efficiency thanks to the careful preparation and attentive services of every operation link:

Before berth
YANTIAN took the initiative to complete the pre-declaration, pre-documentation and other procedures, and provided pre-unloading plan for customers' reference, for their convenience to arrange trucking resources in advance.

At berth
YANTIAN provides exclusive berths with priority operation for this vessel, and ‘one-stop’ service of operation on arrival and unloading directly to the Customs inspection sites.

At Unloading
Real-time status of on-site inspection and release were updated to customers regularly, and emergency service hotline was set up at the gatehouse to help customers solve their problems encountered during container picking-up.

Value-added Services
We provided customized reefer containers turn door opposite service for customers, which helped them save time and cost on operation, and ensure faster delivery of goods to the market.

To ensure the fastest delivery of cherry containers to the market, YANTIAN organized an internal special team starting last September, to actively communicate with Customs, customers, liners and agents repeatedly, to make plans and arrangements in advance, and to increase resource input to improve the efficiency of operation and inspection. It is what YANTIAN always does: ‘We respond to what you call for’.

Overtime working, manpower increasing and sessions adding, Customs significantly improved clearance efficiency

As for inspection, Dapeng Customs placed great emphasis and supports by increasing more inspection manpower, allocating reasonable sites, and working overtime until late at night. And the Administration Department strengthened cooperation with terminal to assist the goods to exit in time to improve the inspection efficiency and speed up the approval procedures for the goods to be sampled. Facing the massive arrival of nearly 10,000 tons of cherries, Dapeng Customs deployed in advance, and completed the definite time of arrival (DTA) for the goods instantly, to ensure that the goods unloaded that day would rapidly complete inspection, sampling and picking-up procedures on the same day. With the efficient service of Dapeng Customs, the clearance speed for fruit import at Yantian Port has been significantly improved, ensuring the unhindered supply of citizens’ livelihood.

Let’s listen to the customers:

Shenzhen Asia Global Fresh Supply Chain (Group) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yang Zheng, Assistant to Group President and Chief Financial Officer
Thanks to Dapeng Customs and YANTIAN’s utmost effort to taking care of all customers’ problems, this large amount of cherries can be unloaded and delivered to the market on the same day. YANTIAN had successfully demonstrated the strength and responsibility as an international hub port by arranging berthing upon arrival, unloading upon berthing and picking up out of terminal upon unloading. Dapeng Customs also attached great importance and actively accelerated the progress of inspection and release, so that the cargoes could be unloaded, inspected and released on the same day. It was a satisfactory demonstration of 'Shenzhen speed and Yantian velocity'.

Joy Wing Mau Fruit Technologies Corporation Limited
Ms. Rose Li, Deputy Director of Customs & Logistics
Thanks to the great attention and support of YANTIAN and Dapeng Customs, the high efficiency and smooth operation of container unloading, inspection and picking up enabled our company's Chilean goods on the express to YANTIAN arriving on January 16th timely deliver to the market. Through this time’s efficient operation and smooth customs clearance, our company is full of confidence in Yantian Port, and sincerely look forward to working together with Dapeng Customs and YANTIAN in the future, making innovations jointly, and continuing the broader and deeper cooperation.

International services keep up to carry fresh arrivals to YANTIAN


In 2022, 12 new international services were launched in YANTIAN, and now there are about 100 international services connecting YANTIAN to the world, making YANTIAN the hub port for popular goods imported from America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Existing weekly direct South American services from Chile's Port of Valparaiso and Port of SAN Antonio to YANTIAN rapidly bring along delicious South American tropical fruits. For this time, nearly 10,000 tons of cherries arrived at Yantian Port from Valparaiso, Chile. And thanks to the active cooperation of shipping companies in all links, the fresh fruits were directly delivered to the market timely right after arriving at the port .

YANTIAN will continue to expand the international service network and give full play to the role of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as an international shipping hub.

Supporting services continue to be upgraded and improved

For the past few years, YANTIAN’s volume of imported cold chain goods was keeping a high speed growth, and we has become the third largest port of frozen meat import in China, the port of choice for cold chain import in South China, with more than 90% of Shenzhen’s frozen meat import volume. Imported fruits are also the development focus of our cold chain import business in recent years. In 2022, YANTIAN's fruit import volume has rocketed up by 600% YOY.

YANTIAN is now equipped with 4,000 reefer plugs in the terminal yard dedicated for cold chain products. And six cold storages with a total capacity of about 200,000 ton within three kilometers radius from the terminal, providing one-stop services including transportation, examination, declaring, storage, distribution, etc. for the comprehensive end-to-end services of fresh and frozen food to the people in the Greater Bay Area and even the whole country. Yantian TV

In 2022, the total annual import and export volume of Shenzhen Yantian Comprehensive Bonded Zone reached 100.2 billion RMB with a year-on-year growth of 12.74%, which was the largest growth rate since its opening. Recently, the cold chain bonded warehouse business in Yantian Comprehensive Bonded Zone officially started, which is also the official launch of the largest Frozen and Normal Temperature Bonded Warehouse in Shenzhen, indicating that the cold chain logistics in Yantian Port has expanded from the traditional mode to the bonded  mode. Started with this, a variety of new business attempts such as bonded processing, bonded supplying to Hong Kong, e-commerce return, etc. would be initiated. It would provide more business choices for cold chain importers and exporters in Yantian, who are already huge in volume, and accelerate and boost the national logistics hub located in Yantian with Shenzhen port type to become one of the few logistics hubs possessed with bonded cold chain storage, transportation and processing capacity in China!