February 22, 2023
Longtaitou Festival|YANTIAN Cross-border E-commerce Speeding Forward
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A good beginning is half the success.

Guangdong Province greeted the first working day after CNY holiday with the high-quality development conference promoting business investment. Elites from cross-border e-commerce which is one of the fastest reaction industries in the market, has already traveled to places all around the world to develop new opportunities.

As the preferred port for cross-border e-commerce in South China, YANTIAN keeps abreast with the latest market and maintains communication with customers. Combining with the condition of improving industrial support, on February 20, YANTIAN held the Yantian Cross-border E-commerce High-quality Development Forum and YANTIAN Cross-border E-commerce Night as a communication platform to further activate resource interaction, stimulate new opportunities for 2023 Yantian cross-border e-commerce development and promote new business growth, leading the Yantian cross-border e-commerce to "soar" all the way.

The event has reached great success with the support of multiple parties from Government, Customs, enterprises, and associations. Zeng Jinhui, Director of E-Commerce Department of Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Wen Siquan, Director General of Dapeng Customs , Tu Jiahui, Deputy Director of Meisha Customs, Wu Guowei, Deputy Director of Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Shenzhen Yantian District, Wang Xin, Executive Chairperson of SZCBEA, Huang Jinqi, Deputy Director of the Economic Development Center of the Yantian Integrated Free Trade Zone, Gao Fei, the Chairperson of the Import and Export Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, and more than a hundred outstanding representatives from associations, shipping companies and cross -border enterprises attended the forum.

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Mr. Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of YANTIAN, said that over the past year, he has witnessed the booming development of Yantian District's cross-border e-commerce and continuous improvement of industrial facilities: the "five one" project landed in Yantian District , 7x24 hours operation of Yantian Integrated Free Trade Zone(FTZ), the use of cross-border e-commerce inspection equipment in the FTZ, the completion of the cross-border e-commerce operation center etc, thanks to the efficient operation and strong support of government departments as well as customs.

On the basis of continuing to ensure the smooth and stable supply chain of the industrial chain of the Greater Bay Area, YANTIAN takes the responsibility of industry leaders, and becomes "communication bridge" to empower high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce.

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Mr. Wu Guowei, Deputy Director of Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Shenzhen Yantian District, said that Yantian Cross-border E-commerce, as the breakthrough of the "core zone + cooperation zone", implement the cross-border e-commerce industry ecological chain project. Yantian already provides good environments for cross-border e-commerce growing in leaps and bounds. Next, Yantian will accelerate the establishment of reverse logistics centers, strengthen the linkage between YANTIAN Port and Yantian Integrated Free Trade Zone and even Qianhai and Pingshan area, explore the characteristic model of "cross-border e-commerce + front shop and back warehouse", and help enterprises seize opportunities in all aspects, accelerating the development of Yantian cross-border e-commerce industry.

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Ms. Wang Xin, Executive Chairperson of SZCBEA, shared the theme of "Trends of starting a new chapter and a new trend of cross-border e-commerce development in the future-2023", expressing that we must seize the international cross-border e-commerce bonus period, strengthen the cross-border e-commerce business, and quickly expand the international market from going abroad to mutual recognition, standard construction, and cultural exchange when domestic industrial consumption is downward. SCZBEA will take high-quality and high-level participation in the designated and management of new international trade rules, and take the lead in formulating the cross-border e-commerce industry standards and accelerate mutual recognition with international standards in the future.

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In the meantime, Xie Zhuoheng, Logistics Secretary of the SZCBEA and Executive Chairman of the Yantian Branch, Liu Jie, General Manager of Yantian Port Cross-border E-commerce Operation Center Co., Ltd., Long Lingjie, General Manager of Chong Ying Commerce, and Sun Xuling, Senior Manager of Commercial Department of YANTIAN introduced the essential effect of high-quality improvement of YANTIAN and cross-border e-commerce industrial facilities regarding SCZBEA services, 9610, 1210 Customs declaration facilities and etc.

5 深圳市跨境电子商务协会物流秘书长兼盐田分会会长谢卓亨 1.jpg6 盐田港跨境电商运营中心有限公司总经理刘洁.jpg
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With the continuous improvement of Yantian cross-border e-commerce industrial functions, cross-border e-commerce business are more confident with the industrial development in 2023. Guests actively participated in the Q&A session, discussing and sharing information involving the entry of 9610 station customs broker, the advantage of port alliance services and digitalization and visualization in logistics industry.

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After the Yantian Cross-border E-commerce High-quality Development Forum, cross-border e-commerce companies conducted in-depth interaction during "YANTIAN Cross-border E-commerce Night". According to feedbacks, the event gathered the resources of shipping lines, logistics, finance, legal affairs and etc, set up a communication platform and create cooperation opportunities for the cross-border e-commerce industry.

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In the future, YANTIAN will keep working with government departments and partners at home and abroad to safeguard the stability of the supply chain and industry chain, and explore new paths for industry development, so that the port and shipping industries can support and reinforce each other, significantly improving the competitiveness of the maritime economy in Shenzhen and promoting Chinese brands abroad.