March 24, 2023
Cold Chain Sparks a Boom | Yantian District Introduced a Series of Financial Incentive Measures for the Development of Cold Chain Industry
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Recently, Yantian District had issued the "Supportive Measures on Accelerating the Promotion for the High-quality Development of Cold Chain Industry in Yantian District" (hereinafter referred to as the "Supportive Measures"). A total of 14 measures, were decided to appropriately increase the amount of financial support for the incentive towards cargo volume and foreign trade, to accelerate Yantian’s construction as the core area of the global ocean center city, to build an imported cold chain trade distribution point, to promote the transformation of Yantian Port Area from the "channel port" to the "trade port", and to provide a strong guarantee for the development of foreign trade industry.

In order to grasp the "Fresh" Opportunity of Cold Chain, this "Supportive Measures" are really meaty

  • As the Supportive Measures proposed, “to encourage refrigerated containers to complete customs clearance at the ports of Yantian District, inspection subsidies will be provided for refrigerated containers which are imported via the ports of Yantian District and successfully complete the inspection by customs.” 
    This measure will reduce the cost of customs clearance for enterprises, improve the construction of port inspection facilities, and promote the cultivation of new cold chain businesses.

  • The Supportive Measures also proposes that, "For cold chain goods cleared at the ports of Yantian District and marked by the Global Traceability Center, a subsidy of 0.2 yuan per mark will be provided. And a one-time subsidy will be given to eligible enterprises that join the global traceability system for factory-level traceability.”
    This measure will attract more high-quality cold chain goods to arrive in Yantian and improve the level of cold chain food safety.

"The issue of the Supportive Measures is conducive to the improvement of the import and export structure of Yantian Port, such as attracting foreign frozen meat, fruits, red wine, etc. to be imported via Yantian Port, increasing the proportion of imported containers, and making the import and export ratio more balanced and healthy, while helping to reduce the cost of import trades and cultivate new business formats, and consolidate Yantian Port's position as the largest port for the import of cold chain goods in South China.” The representative of Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Yantian District said. And he also mentioned that, with the implementation of the Supportive Measures, it was expected that by 2025, the volume of imported cold chain containers in Yantian District will increase by 50%, and the imported cold chain goods will exceed 2 million tons.

Cold chain logistics is well into the fast lane of development, while YANTIAN has been engaged in the cold chain import and export services for many years. And with its diversification in cold chain import category and professional services, YANTIAN has become the preferred port for cold chain imports in South China, the No.1 port for imported frozen meat in South China, and the third frozen meat import port in China.

Meanwhile, fruit import service is also a noteworthy highlight. In 2022, YANTIAN has imported 6 times more fruit than the year before last year. 


As the preferred port for cold chain imports in South China, YANTIAN is now equipped with 4,000 reefer plugs in the terminal yard dedicated for cold chain products, and there are 2 Customs examination centers to ensure fast cargo inspection and releasing.


And six cold storages (5 in use and 1 under construction) with a total capacity of about 200,000 ton within three kilometers radius from the terminal, providing one-stop services including transportation, examination, declaring, storage, distribution, etc. for the comprehensive end-to-end services of fresh and frozen food to the people in the Greater Bay Area and even the whole country. The main partners include Shenzhen's largest frozen and normal temperature bonded warehouse, multi-functional, multi-temperature cold storage, and many cold chain enterprises with nearly 20 years of professional cold chain related services.

In the future, YANTIAN will combine the Customs measures for improving quality and efficiency, integrate resources and develop more import services to build Yantian Port Area to be a versatile cold chain logistics service complex with dense and stable shipping services and efficient customs clearance in South China, to contribute to the vigorous development of China's import trade.