May 26, 2023
Explore Cargo Sources and Develop New Partnerships in Europe
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As the world's largest container terminal run by a single operator, YANTIAN has more than 85% of European services in Shenzhen. To leverage these advantages, we went to Europe to explore new cargo catchment areas and established sister port relations with 2 more ports.

 #Munich, Germany

 The first overseas promotion event of Shenzhen Port after the COVID-19 pandemic was held in Germany, introducing the achievements, advantages, and cooperation prospects of Shenzhen Port in terms of green, intelligent, and modernized development. More than 100 representatives of logistics companies, ship owners, freight forwarders, associations, and media attended the event. They all showed great interest in the sea-rail services, green ports, and the off-dock warehousing services of YANTIAN.


 YANTIAN has been committed to expanding and improving its sea-rail services. We have over 100 international weekly services, with over 60% being westbound or eastbound ones to Europe or the United States, allowing us to enjoy a significant regional advantage. In 2022, the sea-rail service volume of YANTIAN reached 0.23 million TEUs, a new record, up 10% year-on-year, while our carbon emissions were reduced by over 12,000 tons. Through sea-rail services, we can extend port services to more hinterland areas. Currently, we have opened 29 intermodal services and 11 inland ports, covering the Greater Bay Area, the Southwest, and the Central China region.


 The next day, the signing ceremony of the sister port agreement between Shenzhen Port and the Port of Antwerp-Brugge in Belgium was held at the transport logistic in Munich, and the Port of Antwerp-Brugge became the 25th international sister port of Shenzhen Port. During the exhibition, the YANTIAN delegation also visited some of Shenzhen’s sister ports in Europe, such as Port of Rotterdam and Port of Hamburg, as well as prominent European enterprises with EU investment, and shared the new developments of YANTIAN with them. Deep discussions were also held on future deep cooperation, thereby promoting mutual trust and understanding.



#Geneva, Switzerland

In Geneva, Switzerland, delegations of Shenzhen Port and YANTIAN visited the headquarter of the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). MSC representatives introduced the company's business development status, and the two sides exchanged ideas on international services, LNG bunkering, automobile transportation, inland ports, and multimodal transportation, etc., and established a contact and communication mechanism.

YANTIAN is the fourth shipping hub in the world and the first in South China to have LNG bunkering services. We have a total of 44 weekly services connecting to multiple major LNG export destinations around the world, making us the top performer in the Greater Bay Area. Additionally, YANTIAN has extensive experience in special container operations, and as of September 2022, over 100 domestically produced new energy vehicles were successfully loaded onto containers at Yantian Port and exported to Europe.



 #Gothenburg, Sweden

 In Gothenburg, the management team of the port and Shenzhen Port delegation held a seminar and signed a sister port agreement. Gothenburg became the 26th sister port of Shenzhen Port.


Although Shenzhen and Europe have a 6-hour time difference, YANTIAN, as the last port of call for export to Europe from South China, spares no efforts to ensure that friendly relations and seamless cooperation between ports are not delayed.

In the future, we will accelerate the development of a higher-level shipping hub, constantly improve our service capacities and capabilities. By leveraging our extensive international services, LNG bunkering services, sea-rail services, and feeder networks, we will continue to collaborate with the government and industry peers, fully support Shenzhen’s establishment as a logistics center with global influence, contributing to Shenzhen's development as a global marine center, and to the country's high-quality development of international trade.