September 26, 2023
Connecting the World: YANTIAN Joins China International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair (CILF) 2023
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The 17th China International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair (hereinafter referred to as "CILF") was successfully held on September 21-23 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. YANTIAN, as a leading enterprise in the port and shipping industry, participated in the exhibition to showcase our strengths and achievements.

On the first day of the exhibition, YANTIAN held a Customer Communication Session. Over 200 guests, including Zhang Liwei, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, Gao Bo, Deputy Director of the Department of Transportation Services of the Ministry of Transport, Cai Xin, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Transport Bureau, Chi Weiguo, Deputy Director of the Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen, visited the exhibition booth of YANTIAN.


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A world-class port network
As a member of the Hutchison Ports, a leading port investor, developer, and operator, YANTIAN has been closely linked to the Group's ports around the world, that is, 53 ports in 24 countries and regions across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Australia.


At the Customer Communication Session, representatives from YANTIAN, Hutchison Ports UK and Hutchison Ports Mexico shared the latest achievements in terms of port facilities, green development, and digital transformation respectively, showcasing new trends in the global shipping industry.


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Hutchison Ports also held the Global Network Summit 2023 at Futian Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts in Shenzhen on September 22. Representatives from Hutchison Ports' global networks and the management of renowned port and shipping companies around the globe attended the event to exchange ideas for future industrial development. Leveraging the global resources offered by Hutchison Ports, YANTIAN is able to ship cargoes to the rest of the world efficiently through our premium services.

Hutchison Ports Global Network Summit 2023

New pattern of cross-border e-commerce
As a rising star, the strength and influence of cross-border e-commerce should not be underestimated. Shenzhen is the birthplace of cross-border e-commerce in China and is definitely leading the industry development. YANTIAN has also been vigorously facilitating cross-border e-commerce in recent years. On September 22, we hosted a salon of cross-border e-commerce where bigwigs from industry associations, enterprises, and the media were invited to share information on topics such as market trends, compliance development, and the supporting facilities of Yantian Port. We have seen significant business growth after the integration of 9610 clearance model in YANTIAN. In the future, we will continue to join hands with the government, the customs, enterprises, and associations to drive compliance management and industrial support, providing a superb logistics "resource package" for Chinese brands to go global.



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As the preferred port for cross-border e-commerce in South China, YANTIAN has advantages such as fast and quality services and extensive shipping networks. Cargoes can be delivered to the destination port in the shortest time after leaving Yantian Port, for example, 13 days to the west coast of U.S. and 22 days to Europe. YANTIAN has complete 9610, 9710, 9810 and 1210 cross-border services, favourable clearance environment, and the largest off-dock warehousing, international logistics and distribution base in South China. YANTIAN is also the first container terminal in China to be officially approved for dangerous goods stacking, i.e., containers of Class 9 dangerous goods can be placed together with ordinary containers in the yard, thus releasing more stacking spaces and helping 3C and charged products to go global smoothly.

Shared prosperity and new industry landscape
2023 Shenzhen World Port Chain Strategy Forum was held on September 22 to offer a platform for the global port and shipping industry to communicate and cooperate with each other. This year's forum, with the theme of "New port and waterway promote Shenzhen as global pivotal port", invited a number of port and shipping enterprise representatives around the world to share ideas. At the event, the Shenzhen Declaration was signed to promote the pragmatic cooperation within the industry, complement each other's advantages, and reach consensus on building a standardised, digital, green, and globalised port and shipping supply chain ecosystem that is commonly managed by all parties involved together. Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of YANTIAN, was invited to deliver a speech on "Stronger Hub, Greater Connection".

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Stronger hub
Hub port should be the stabiliser of the global supply chain. As the world's fourth largest container port, Shenzhen Port strives to be smarter, greener, and more efficient to smooth the sea and land logistics channels, strengthen the hub function for economic circulation at home and abroad, and better support the economic development.

Greater connection
Shenzhen Port has 26 sister ports around the world to deepen international cooperation and exchanges. Over the years, we have been steadily promoting cooperation in shipping and logistics between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, exploring new cooperation models, building new platforms for interaction, and improving the quality and efficiency of port services in both places. YANTIAN, as a member of Shenzhen Port Group and also a member of Hutchison Ports, has taken the initiative to actively build a robust port chain and a global port and shipping cooperation network.

In the future, Shenzhen Port will continue to drive cooperation in the global port and shipping industry to build a global hub port, devise new industry pattern, better serve the global industry chain and supply chain, and help Shenzhen to be a logistics centre with global influence, and a global marine centre.