September 30, 2023
YANTIAN Wishes Everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day
A A A 缩小 加大 更大

On the occasion of the 74th birthday of our motherland, YANTIAN, with the music video of "Unsung Heroes", says "thank you" to every extraordinary frontline staff of the port sector and each extraordinary individual who has contributed to the prosperity of our motherland.


Special thanks to:
Band: Xie Yongquan, Yi Yuanjun, Zhang Wei, Li Haorong, Zhong Weicheng
and all the organizations and staff involved in filming and video production.


I'm nobody, doing my best to chase my dreams.
Keep chasing no matter how many tears and sorrows there are along the way.


No matter how tired I am, I don't back down.
I stand my ground and seize every opportunity around.


I'm nobody, striving with all my might to catch the light of life fearlessly.


It may be exhausting, but for the sake of my dream, I wipe away the sweat. 
Faith is like the flame that never dies, guiding me in my strides.


In this busy operating port, you and I are all "nobodies" but "somebodies". Together, we build a world-class port. 

YANTIAN wishes everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day.