October 20, 2023
Contributions Wanted: The 8th "YANTIAN Cup" Beautiful Shenzhen Port Photography Competition is Looking Forward to Your Participation!
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YANTIAN is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and is honored to be the sponsor of 2023 Shenzhen Ports Association Photography Competition.
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We'd like to see Shenzhen Port in your eyes.

IMG_5585.jpgAre they terminals bustling with inbound and outbound vessels and tractors?

IMG_5586.jpgAre they terminals that glisten in the sun?

IMG_5589.jpgOr places that are lit up at nightfall?

Send us your photos and share with us the beauty of Shenzhen Port in your eyes.

The theme of the competition is "Beautiful Shenzhen Port". Please send entries in line with the theme, with the terminals and terminal staff as the main elements, to show the charm of the Shenzhen Port.

The competition is open to all members of the Shenzhen Ports Association. This year's competition is divided into two tracks, pictures and short videos. The two tracks are scored and awarded separately.

1. The entries must be the original works of the participants, and participants cannot plagiarise other people's works. All entries should be positive and in line with the theme.
2. Any works that have won awards in previous competitions are not eligible for this year’s event. There is no limit to the number of entries, but the winners of the top three awards will not be repeated.
3. Entries can be in black and white or color. Computer generated imagery is strictly prohibited. Appropriate post-tuning, editing, and other processing are allowed, but artificial addition or reduction of unrealistic content is not permitted.
4. There is no entry fee for the competition. Only electronic files will be accepted, and all entries should be sent in accordance with the following format requirements:
JPG format is required and each file should be no smaller than 5MB and no larger than 20MB. The minimum pixel requirement is 10 megapixels, and all images must retain EXIF information.
【Short videos】
The video shall have complete images and sound, be less than 4 minutes long, in PAL format, 25 frames per second, with a resolution of not less than 1980x1080 and a bit rate of not less than 2Mbps. MP4, MOV, AVT, and other common video formats are accepted. Videos should not have watermarks or logos, and commercial advertisements are not allowed.
5. All entries shall include the title, the author's name and contact information, and a description in 100 words or less. Entries will not be returned after submission.
6. The copyright of all entries belongs to the authors themselves and they have the right of attribution in the use of their works. The organizer of the competition has the right to use the winning entries in related publicity (including websites, publications, promotional films, etc.) without further payment. The author shall be responsible for any legal liabilities related to the honor, portrait, and copyright of the entries.


🏆Picture Track
One first prize winner, with a prize of CNY8,000.
Two second prize winners, with a prize of CNY5,000 for each winner.
Three third prize winners, with a prize of CNY4,000 for each winner.

🏆Short Video Track
One first prize winner, with a prize of CNY10,000.
Two second prize winners, with a prize of CNY6,000 for each winner.
Three third prize winners, with a prize of CNY5,000 for each winner.

* Winners of the above prizes are required to pay personal income tax in accordance with related regulations. In addition to the prizes, all winners will be awarded with trophies and certificates.

·The cut-off time for submitting entries is November 13, 2023 from the date of publication of this notice. All member organizations are welcomed. ·Please send the registration form 参赛作品报名表.pdf and the electronic version of the entries to 362878789@qq.com.
·Contact: Ms. Zhou, Tel: 83797293, 13554986302.