October 30, 2023
Exclusive WeChat Emoji Pack of YANTIAN! Now Available for Download!
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The exclusive WeChat emoji pack for the 30th anniversary of YANTIAN is now available for download.

The cute and reliable port teddy bear represents all YANTIAN staff who dedicate themselves to the growth of the company and the port industry.


Teddy bears were the first cargoes shipped through the first line-haul container vessel calling at YANTIAN, which started YANTIAN's journey as a key gateway for South China’s container traffic with annual throughput ranking first among terminals in Chinese mainland for 20 consecutive years. Now YANTIAN has entered the 30th year of development, and we have a new version of teddy bear (YANTIAN Hero Bear) as our mascot in the hope for more good luck.

Every member of YANTIAN was engaged to produce these adorable emojis. They contributed the copy of the 24 emojis to express their feelings with words and icons for sharing at anytime and anywhere. 


The 24 emojis show different working and living scenarios at the port, with each set of garments corresponding to a different group of people, such as the Operation Service Department, the Engineering Department and the Safety and Security Department. The various emojis of Yantian Hero Bear represent all the diligent staff of YANTIAN who work day and night to ensure the stability and smooth flow of the supply chain.




“Yantian Hero Bear”, the exclusive WeChat emoji pack for the 30th anniversary of YANTIAN, is now released. You can scan the QR code below or click [Read More] to download them.