October 31, 2023
YANTIAN Reaffirms Commitment to Supporting Education and Community Development
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For YANTIAN, corporate social responsibility not only means coming forward at special moments, but more importantly, making regular contributions to the community and the society year after year.

Support education through the dock school
21 years ago, YANTIAN donated funds to support Dahaicun Hope Primary School in Shilin County, Yunnan Province. Since then, the special bond between the two sides has never been interrupted.1.jpg

Following the Summer Camp in August, 2023, a team of YANTIAN staff representatives led by Huang Lizhong, Secretary of the CPC Committee of YANTIAN, and Wang Dongchuan, Chairperson of the YANTIAN Trade Union traveled to Yunnan in October to visit the children in the dock school and donated electronics and sports supplies (including Sony cameras, DJI handheld cameras, mini photo printer, etc.) to enhance the learning experience and encourage physical activity of the students. Li Guiping, Director of Education and Sports Bureau of Shilin County, presided over the donation ceremony. Bi Yuzhen, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Shilin County People's Congress and Chairperson of the County Federation of Industry and Commerce, Wang Jinqian, Vice Governor of the People's Government of Shilin County, Gao Qiuxi, Deputy Head of the People's Government of Changhu Towns and other leaders of Changhu Town, as well as leaders of the dock school were present.


When the YANTIAN delegation visited the school's history archive, they were surprised to find that all the students knew the YANTIAN section very well. The students said, "Seeing the Yantian Port in person is even more impressive than these words!"

In the past 20 years, many children have taken the opportunity to go out of the mountains and learn about the world. With twenty years of persistence, the light of the Dock School Project is like the waves on Yantian Port's seashore, conveying love and care. We will keep supporting Dock School Project to drive educational equity, and to help students in less developed areas broaden their horizons, pursue excellence for a bright and brilliant future.


Care for the elderly


On October 23, on the occasion of the Double Ninth Festival, representatives of YANTIAN staff and volunteers went to the Yee Hong Heights established by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust on Wutong Mountain to send festival gifts and wishes to the elderly.


(Left) Mo Sijie, Head of Yee Hong Heights, delivered a speech
(Right) Sheree Sun, Deputy General Manager of Commercial Department of YANTIAN, delivered a speech

A special talent show was held where YANTIAN volunteers showed magic tricks, did the health gesture exercises with the elderly, and there was even a wonderful chorus of Cantonese opera sung by YANTIAN staff and residents of the care home.


After the show, volunteers sent gifts and their heartful wishes to the elderly. Seeing the happy smiles on their faces, we are also deeply encouraged.

Plant flowers of hope for a greener port
On October 27, YANTIAN held a "Green Relay" event to prune the ruellia simplex planted at the 2021 “GO GREEN” event and plant new ones to a new area.


The ruellia simplex is highly adaptable and heat tolerant. No matter what kind of environment it is in, such as a rock crevice, next to a rock, or in the gravel, it can always bloom elegantly, so its flower language is "hope", and it is also known as "every day is new".


In addition to its special symbolism, ruellia simplex can also purify sewage. As a drought-, flood-, and salinity-tolerant amphibious plant, it is highly reproducible and of low maintenance costs. It shows considerable sewage purification results in both artificial wetlands and shallow water areas.


YANTIAN is always committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities as a major port and serving the society. In the future, we will further reaffirm our commitment to support sustainable development and make the world a better place.