December 8, 2023
Bay Area on Rails: YANTIAN Launches the YANTIAN--Guanyao Sea-Rail Service
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Recently, the only on-dock railway of Shenzhen achieved another milestone. The YANTIAN--Guanyao Sea-Rail Service departed from the Guanyao Railway Logistics Hub in Foshan and arrived at YANTIAN, where the cargoes were loaded onto line-haul vessels destined for Europe and US. This accomplishment has successfully opened up a new environmentally friendly channel for international trade in Foshan.


Collaborative initiatives propel the emergence of the "bay area on rails"
The YANTIAN--Guanyao Sea-Rail Service gains strong support from the China Railway Guangzhou Group. This achievement is a testament to the synergistic endeavors of YANTIAN, China Railway Express, and Foshan International Inland Port. Situated at the crossroads of the Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan area within the Greater Bay Area, the Guanyao Railway Logistics Hub assumes a pivotal role in the economic and transportation exchange in the western wing of the Pearl River Delta and functions as a focal point for the Belt and Road Initiative and the Maritime Silk Road. For Foshan, a major manufacturing city that exports a diverse array of products globally, the new sea-rail service offers more convenient logistics solutions for the inflow of raw materials and the outflow of products across various sectors, including equipment manufacturing, home furnishings, electronics and information technology, biopharmaceuticals, and new energy equipment.

The emergence of the "bay area on rails" and this new channel are expected to significantly enhance the logistics and transportation efficiency throughout the Pearl River Delta region. It is a sea-rail service tailored for enterprises and customers located in the western wing of the Pearl River Delta and such strategic development will not only catalyse the industry expansion and clusters in inland areas and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, but also ensure the seamless functioning of domestic circulation and international circulation.

Proactively expanding markets with a focus on green development and global reach
In recent years, YANTIAN has significantly heightened efforts to extend our presence into inland areas in China. Leveraging our globally connected network and multimodal services, we have established a gateway that seamlessly connects the inland areas with the global market, moving “port” to the “doorstep” of enterprises to ensure the provision of stable and efficient sea-rail export channels for inland areas. Currently, YANTIAN has opened 12 inland ports and 31 sea-rail services, spanning across the Greater Bay Area, Southwest, and Central China. From January to November this year, our sea-rail services have achieved an impressive cumulative year-on-year increase of 16% in container throughput.

Data shows that the energy consumption ratio between railway and road transportation is approximately 1:8, with a corresponding carbon emission ratio of roughly 1:10.9. A decrease of 1 liter in diesel consumption results in a reduction of 2.63 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. Each deployment of a sea-rail service is tantamount to alleviating the transportation burden equivalent to that of 100 heavy trucks. This bears great significance in mitigating environmental pollution and accidents, cutting down energy consumption costs, easing road traffic jam, restructuring transportation systems, and fulfilling “dual carbon” goals.


In the future, YANTIAN will keep enhancing the cooperation with all parties involved to launch new sea-rail services and open more inland ports to allow more enterprises to be closely connected with our extensive service network and quality logistics services, making our due contributions to the achievement of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, and stabilising and optimsing the supply chain and the industrial chain.

For more information about the YANTIAN—Guanyao Sea-Rail Service, please feel free to contact us:
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Commercial Officer
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