December 28, 2023
"Xinwen Lianbo" Gives Thumbs Up! YANTIAN's Express Service Showcases Outstanding Capabilities, Earning Wide Recognition
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On the evening of December 25, as family members gather around the table, you turned on the television, and you saw...

The export volume of technology-intensive products has experienced remarkable growth

2.gifSince the beginning of this year, China's exports of technology-intensive products, particularly electromechanical products, has experienced significant growth. The trade structure is undergoing continuous optimization, with export products steadily ascending towards the higher end of the value chain. This trend contributes to the continuous enhancement of China's international competitiveness in international trade. In the first 11 months of 2023, China's exports of electromechanical products reached CNY12.66 trillion, a growth of 2.8%, constituting nearly 60% of the total export value.

This year, Shenzhen has once again topped the list of "Top 100 Chinese Cities in International Trade." During the first three quarters, the export contribution of electromechanical products in Shenzhen surpassed 70%, with remarkable growth observed in the export of "new three" products. There was a 24.1% increase in lithium-ion batteries, an astonishing 432% surge in the export of electric passenger vehicles, and a 21% growth in solar cells. From January to November 2023, among the exported categories from YANTIAN, electromechanical products had the largest share.

As of September 30 last year, in a joint effort of port supervisory authorities like Shenzhen Customs, Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration, as well as YANTIAN, a tailored shipping model for vehicles was launched for automotive manufacturers. The "one container for three vehicles" solution significantly reduces the transportation costs, while shortening the waiting time of each container by two to three days.


YANTIAN currently possesses a comprehensive range of capabilities, covering inspection, loading, and transportation. It operates in a "land + rail" model collaborating with logistics transport, shipping companies, and other specialised teams to deliver one-stop logistics services for automotive manufacturers, extending from the factory to major overseas ports and gradually building an automotive export service chain that integrates "port + logistics + trade." YANTIAN is wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting Shenzhen in expediting the development of a new world-class automotive city and ensuring the global success of China's new energy industry.

Flourishing development of cross-border e-commerce
The thriving expansion of cross-border e-commerce has emerged as an efficient channel for the global dissemination of new products and technologies. YANTIAN plays a pivotal role in this landscape, boasting over 10 international express services specifically tailored for cross-border e-commerce, facilitating the export of a significant volume of cargo from Guangdong and surrounding area. Being a preferred port for cross-border e-commerce in South China, YANTIAN is well recognised by the industry for our well-established service network, efficient clearance procedures and premium services that actively contribute to industrial development.

Recognising the critical importance of timeliness in cross-border e-commerce, YANTIAN has strategically aligned our extensive service network with the distribution and growth of overseas cross-border e-commerce markets to offer high-quality shipping services and meet the demands of the market.

YANTIAN offers extensive, fast, and premium services as well as eco-friendly multimodal logistics solutions for our customers, strongly supporting the international trade development of China. Home to the most extensive Europe and US shipping services, YANTIAN partners with shipping lines to offer approximately 100 weekly services to destination worldwide, for example with a daily average of 4 sailings to Europe and 6 to the US. As the last port-of-call in South China for most sailings, YANTIAN ensures cargo reaches its destination ports as fast as possible – about 22 days to Europe and 12.5 days to the US.

Meanwhile, YANTIAN actively serves as a link connecting customers, engaging in collaboration with government agencies, customs authorities, industry associations, and enterprises. This multifaceted approach comprehensively contributes to the optimisation of the clearance environment and ancillary industries for cross-border e-commerce in the Yantian District. The Yantian District Cross-border E-commerce Operation Centre, dedicated to the bonded 1210 and 9610 models, is now completed. This achievement signifies the complete implementation of supporting facilities for the entire cross-border e-commerce models, including 9610, 9710, 9810, and 1210, turning Yantian District as a fully-equipped hub for cross-border e-commerce.

Terminal-of-choice for large e-commerce platforms such as Amazon
The ever-changing global consumer trends have facilitated the gradual acknowledgment of Chinese brands in mainstream markets across Europe and the US. Chinese brands are becoming increasingly recognised in overseas markets, and numerous Chinese cross-border enterprises are welcomed by international consumers.

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YANTIAN is a firsthand witness to the remarkable advancement of both Amazon and Chinese sellers. Starting with a modest 500 square meters warehouse area in the Yantian Integrated Bonded Area, Amazon has swiftly expanded its operations to cover well over a hundred thousand square meters of storage space by the end of 2023. This substantial growth is a clear testament to Amazon's confidence in YANTIAN and our resilient supply chain support system.

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As the preferred port for cross-border e-commerce in South China and the Honorary President Organization of SZCBEA Yantian Branch, YANTIAN will continue to play a pivotal role in port operations and multimodal transportation. We are committed to enhancing our logistics support services, facilitating cross-border cultural exchange, and fostering the global expansion of brands. Furthermore, we are dedicated to maintaining active collaboration with both the government and industry peers. Through discussions and coordinated efforts, we aim to guarantee the seamless and stable operation of industrial and supply chains in the Greater Bay Area, empower the robust and swift growth of cross-border e-commerce, making greater contributions to the high-quality international trade development in China.