March 22, 2024
YANTIAN Launches the 14th Inland Port: YANTIAN Guanyao Inland Port
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On March 20, as the Spring Equinox graces us with its presence, it symbolises the renewal of life and the boundless opportunities that lie ahead. The unveiling ceremony of the YANTIAN Guanyao Inland Port and the Rail-Sea Service Promotion Event have not only achieved success but also welcomed a new addition to the circle of friends of YANTIAN Inland Port—the 14th member, Foshan Guanyao.

Frange Yu, General Manager of Shenzhen Pingyan Multimodal Company Limited, Chen Lei, Deputy Director of the Freight Department at China Railway Guangzhou Group, Xiao Weidong, Deputy Director of the Yantian Management Department at the Shenzhen Transport Bureau, and Zeng Faqiang, Deputy District Governor of Nanhai District People's Government, Foshan City, delivered speeches at the event. Representatives from YANTIAN conducted insightful business presentations, while Wang Jia, General Manager of China Railway Express Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Branch), addressed the audience on behalf of the cooperation partner. The unveiling ceremony and rail service launch ceremony were held during the event.


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5.jpgThe unveiling ceremony of the YANTIAN Guanyao Inland Port

01 Expressway for high-quality development
Foshan has been designated by the State Council as a pivotal manufacturing base in China, the economic and trade nucleus of the western Pearl River Delta, and an integrated transportation hub. Located in the heartland of the Pearl River Delta and neighboring Hong Kong and Macao, Foshan stands as one of the nation's most vibrant areas for private enterprise, spearheading economic progress in Guangdong Province. YANTIAN Guanyao Inland Port strategically occupies the crossroads of Guangzhou and Foshan within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, sprawling across an expanse of nearly 400,000 square meters with the capacity to handle nearly 1,000 containers simultaneously. This promotion event follows the triumphant debut of the YANTIAN-Guanyao rail-sea service late last year. Now YANTIAN returns to Guanyao once more, extending a warm introduction of our services to customers and friends.

From 2019 to 2023, YANTIAN’s rail-sea service has experienced uninterrupted double-digit growth, reaching a record high in 2023. The adoption of the inland port model has seamlessly merged with the national railway network, capitalising on YANTIAN’s extensive, fast, and premium services. This collaboration has constructed an "expressway" towards fostering high-quality development, enabling Foshan's manufacturing sector to expand its global reach.

02   Green and efficient transportation
Directly linking railway to the port area is a pioneering approach to foster convenient and efficient green transportation. Railway transportation brings in a plethora of benefits, including strong carrying capacity, economical unit transportation costs, extensive coverage, minimal susceptibility to natural conditions, and unwavering reliability. With the launch the inland port, Guanyao assumes the functionalities of the YANTIAN, and enterprises can seamlessly be provided with container pickup and grounding and other port services locally, with access to world-class port services on their doorstep. This results in notable cost reductions across labor, time, packaging, and transportation. The YANTIAN Guanyao Inland Port will effectively amplify the production efficiency of Foshan's export-oriented enterprises and save logistics costs.

According to relevant data, the carbon emission ratio between railways and highways stands at approximately 1:11. Each operation of a sea-rail service results in a reduction in carbon emissions equivalent to that of 100 heavy trucks. This is of paramount importance in mitigating environmental pollution and accidents, cutting down energy consumption costs, alleviating road traffic congestion, restructuring transportation frameworks, and advancing the "dual carbon" goals.


As of now, YANTIAN has opened 14 inland ports, 31 rail-sea services, 10 port alliances, and 17 feeder services, with services covering the Greater Bay Area, Southwest, and Central China.

YANTIAN is the only port in Shenzhen having direct railway access, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to the delivery of stable, efficient, and environmentally friendly railway transport services. Looking ahead, YANTIAN will continue to work together with all parties involved to improve the network of intermodal service. By leveraging the role of Shenzhen as a port-based national logistics hub, we will strive to better serve the quality growth of international trade of China, contribute to the country's peak carbon emission and carbon neutrality targets, and secure the supply chain and the industrial chain.

For more information about the sea-rail service, please feel free to contact:
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