May 17, 2024
Three Cities United: Streamlined Trade Flows Forge a Novel Multimodal Interconnection
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On 16 May 2024, the "A World Well-Connected: Multimodal Transport Product Promotion Event", organised by Hutchison Port Holdings Trust (HPHT) in Chongqing.

This significant event was spearheaded by HPHT, a Singapore-listed entity overseeing 36 deep-water container berths in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In recent years, the collaboration between Chongqing, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong has deepened, facilitated by robust support from key stakeholders such as the Chongqing Port Logistics Office and Commission of Commerce, China Railway Chengdu, China Railway Guangzhou, Transport Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen Customs and other port supervisory authorities, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and Shenzhen Port Group. At this gathering in Chongqing, participants shared cutting-edge industry developments and innovative solutions. Over 200 esteemed guests, including government representatives from the three cities, shipping company delegates from Southwest China, East China, and the Greater Bay Area, third-party logistics experts, and cargo owners, convened to foster resource sharing and mutual prosperity.


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How was the "Chongqing-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Rail-Sea Express" born?

▶In July 2023, YANTIAN unveiled the concept of the "Chongqing-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Rail-Sea Express" during the "2023 Hong Kong Enterprise Tour to Chongqing" initiative organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

▶In August 2023, the "Chongqing-Shenzhen Rail-Sea Express Service" commenced its inaugural journey from Chongqing, arriving at YANTIAN, Shenzhen within three days, marking a significant milestone. The inauguration ceremony for this express train was successfully conducted on the same day.

▶In September 2023, a shipment of bearing frames originating from Chongqing reached YANTIAN via rail in just over two days. These frames were then swiftly transferred to a feeder destined for Kwai Tsing Port in Hong Kong, completing an eight-hour voyage, and ultimately arriving at Hongkong International Terminals. From there, the cargoes were promptly loaded onto a vessel for export to Santos Port in Brazil. This successful trial operation of the "Chongqing-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Rail-Sea Express Service" showcased remarkable time efficiency for cargoes exiting inland China when bound for overseas destinations, notably South America, Japan, and Taiwan, China.


Shenzhen's unique position as the sole region in the Greater Bay Area with both land and water connections to Hong Kong provides it with a distinct geographical advantage, facilitating the smooth flow of resources and fostering cultural affinity. Additionally, it leverages the logistical benefits of having major sea and air ports in both Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

During the event, Patrick Lam, Chairman of the Hong Kong Container Terminal Operators Association, and Crystal Pang, Deputy Commercial Manager of YANTIAN, presented the latest business developments at Hong Kong's Kwai Tsing Container Terminals and YANTIAN. Zhao Hui, General Manager of DB Schenker China Ltd. for Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, and Guizhou, also discussed how their utilisation of the YANTIAN rail-sea service has enhanced their logistics network, boosted transportation efficiency, and contributed to environmental sustainability goals.

4-1.jpg△Speech by Patrick Lam, Chairman of the Hong Kong Container Terminal Operators Association

4-2.jpg△Speech by Crystal Pang, Deputy Commercial Manager of YANTIAN

4-3.jpg△Speech by Zhao Hui, General Manager of DB Schenker China Ltd. for Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, and Guizhou

Many customer representatives at the event highlighted the potential of the new Chongqing-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Rail-Sea Express solution to alleviate the challenges associated with traditional methods. For instance, the Express provides enhanced stability and greater flexibility in the supply chain compared to road transport. Direct rail shipping to Shenzhen for subsequent vessel loading offers cost optimisation over trucking cargoes to Shenzhen, resulting in a reduction of inland transportation costs by 40% to 50% and minimising secondary loading and unloading operations, thereby improving transportation safety.

The Express solution enables cargoes to be consolidated with other associated orders in Hong Kong for consolidation, enhancing trade flexibility. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with advantageous services of the Kwai Tsing Port, such as those to South America and Southeast Asia. In contrast to traditional services, the new Express solution shortens the transportation cycle and enhances logistics channels.

YANTIAN-Kwai Tsing cooperation: complementary services for triple-win

The partnership between YANTIAN in Shenzhen and Kwai Tsing in Hong Kong creates a synergistic relationship, leading to mutual benefits for all parties involved. Kwai Tsing Port primarily serves Asian and South American markets, boasting the highest number of services in South China, while YANTIAN focuses on Europe and US, with European and US services making up around 80% of the total volume.


Cargoes originating from Chongqing and transported via the Express can swiftly reach YANTIAN within 2-3 days before being exported to Europe and the US. Departing from YANTIAN, shipments take only 12.5 days to the US and 22 days to Europe, making this service the fastest nationwide for connecting Chongqing to Europe and the US. Additionally, the feeder service between YANTIAN and Kwai Tsing Port has been operational for 30 years since the opening of YANTIAN, establishing us as the sole port in South China with steadily increasing cargo volume to and from Hong Kong. With six feeder services per day, taking 6-8 hours to reach Kwai Tsing Port in Hong Kong and subsequently loading onto ocean liners, cargoes from Chongqing can be efficiently handled and transported via the Express in just 4-5 days. Moreover, the Express can handle cargoes from Europe destined for global markets through entry ports. Through deeper collaboration between Kwai Tsing and YANTIAN, this partnership contributes to high-quality international trade development in the Chengdu-Chongqing region, fostering a mutually beneficial and win-win situation.

YANTIAN proudly stands as the sole port in Shenzhen with direct railway access, boasting 14 inland ports and an expanded service network now totaling 31. Furthermore, we feature 10 port alliances and 17 feeder services, extending our services to key economic regions like the Greater Bay Area, Central China, and Southwest China. We are fully dedicated to aiding Shenzhen in optimising its logistics service infrastructure and contributing to the Belt and Road Initiative's development.

YANTIAN offers comprehensive logistics solutions, leveraging its affiliation with the Hutchison Ports Group and seamless integration into the Group's global port network. As a premier global player in port investment, development, and operations, Hutchison Ports' expansive network spans Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Australia, encompassing 53 ports across 24 countries and regions. This network facilitates the worldwide expansion of products labelled "Made in Chongqing." The establishment of the Express provides rich options of extensive and reliable services for cargoes originating from Chongqing and the Southwest China, enabling local products to penetrate international markets more effectively and fostering economic growth in the region.


Research shows that railways can reduce carbon emissions per unit turnover by 90% compared to road transport. The capacity of a fully loaded train under YANTIAN’s rail-sea service is equivalent to that of 100 highway trucks, emphasising the critical role of efficient scale transportation in curbing environmental pollution, cutting energy consumption costs, alleviating road congestion, restructuring transportation systems, and advancing the goals of the "dual carbon" strategy.

As a pioneer in the partnership between Shenzhen and Hong Kong for over three decades, YANTIAN has not only emerged from this collaboration but has thrived alongside it. With the ongoing progress of the Greater Bay Area development, YANTIAN remains steadfast in the commitment to nurturing mutually beneficial port shipping, modern logistics, and industrial supply chain services.

YANTIAN is dedicated to championing the high-quality expansion of international trade in the Chongqing-Shenzhen-Hong Kong region, supporting Shenzhen in hastening the establishment of a logistics hub with global influence, bolstering Hong Kong's status as a premier international shipping and trading centre, and jointly achieving the goals of "benefiting Shenzhen and Hong Kong" with other stakeholders. Together, we will enhance the international competitiveness of the Greater Bay Area, contribute to the China's "dual carbon" goals, and propel the high-quality advancement of international trade.