January 27, 2022
YANTIAN will resume ETB-7 for export laden boxes with more vessels calling YANTIAN intensively
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Chinese New Year is round the corner and it’s the traditional peak season before the holiday. However, there are many ports in the world suffer from massive vessel delay due to the global pandemic, same situation also happened to YANTIAN. Under such circumstance, Yantian are facing huge pressure with less vessels and upsurge cargo during this period. To overcome these difficulties, with all relevant parties’ support and coordination, YANTIAN takes several effective measures to ease the traffic pressure around the terminal, improve the yard density and ensure the high efficiency of operation. Meanwhile, there are more and more vessels calling YANTIAN intensively these days. As the consequence of all the efforts, YANTIAN decide to resume the ETB-7 policy for the export laden containers, details as following:

1. Starting from 00:00 on Jan 29, 2022, YANTIAN will resume to receive export laden containers with vessel ETB-7 (Estimated Time of Berthing: within 7 days).
2. The laden gate-in quota will maintain at 12,000 which effective from Sep 7, 2021.

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