March 25, 2022
Combat the Pandemic, Maintain Smooth Port Operations, Guarantee Shipment of Supplies to HK, and Facilitate Economic Development
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In the face of the severe pandemic, people of YANTIAN and the port supervisory authorities continue to make every effort to ensure the smooth and stable operations of the industrial supply chain.

New Route for International Trade

On March 23, YANTIAN received Evergreen's first Intra-Asia service calling at Yantian Port (CPH). "CPH" is the first direct service from YANTIAN to Cebu in Philippines, which is also YANTIAN’s second new Southeast Asia service after the establishment of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) this year.

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"Dongguan-Yantian-Hong Kong" Intermodal Express Service

On March 21, YANTIAN launched the "Dongguan-Yantian-Hong Kong" intermodal express service. Cargoes from Dongguan are transported by rail to YANTIAN and then shipped to Hong Kong via the feeder service. It provides a new measure to ensure stable goods supply from the Mainland to Hong Kong.

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New Record of "YANTIAN-Hong Kong" Express Feeder Service,

On March 22, "YANTIAN-Hong Kong" express feeder service, operated 11 vessels by handling 2,015 TEU of containers and over 12,000 tons of cargo, which set a new single-day record for both the number of vessels operated and the throughput. As of March 24, the express service has shipped 156,000 tons of supplies to Hong Kong. YANTIAN will continue to make every effort to ensure stable and smooth cargo shipping to Hong Kong, supporting Hong Kong in the pandemic.


Port Operation in Full Gear

All berths of YANTIAN have been full with calling vessels for five consecutive days, among which there are 13 to 15 line-haul container vessels. All the staff of YANTIAN, with the strong support from the pilotage and port supervisory authorities, have been working hard to ensure the smooth operation of a busy port.

Thanks to the concerted effort of the team of YANTIAN and our partners, YANTIAN is able to continuously optimise COVID-19 preventive measures to ensure smooth and efficient operations of the port. The efforts include:


Be Well Prepared for Challenges

In addition to staying alert to imported virus transmission, YANTIAN has always attached great importance to preventing scattered outbreaks within the community. We hold emergency meetings for COVID-19 containment by video at any time, making timely deployment to ensure that all work is done normally. We also take the initiative to adjust COVID-19 response measures to adapt to the evolving pandemic situation.


Before the Spring Festival, we have issued the "COVID-19 Response Work Plan of YANTIAN During the Spring Festival in 2022" to all staff members of YANTIAN and the tenants to be well prepared for possible transmission risks after the Spring Festival. We later put forward additional requirements for COVID-19 containment in response to the changes of the pandemic situation. With the increasing severity of the pandemic, the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Committee of YANTIAN issued a notice to all the staff members of YANTIAN on February 28, urging them to be well prepared for all possible emergencies.

In order to guarantee the normal operation of the terminal around the clock, YANTIAN arranged nearly 900 frontline staff to move into the temporary accommodation inside the port on March 2, so that they would not be quarantined if COVID-19 cases occur in their residential communities.

Facing the severe epidemic, Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of YANTIAN and Chairman of the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Committee of YANTIAN, issued a notice to all the staff members of YANTIAN on March 7, re-emphasising all efforts and asking everyone to take all necessary measures to ensure the smooth operations of the port, so as to support Hong Kong and make greater contribution to the epidemic prevention and control of the province and the country.


Unity, Cooperation, and Fast Move

After receiving the instruction to arrange for nearly 900 staff members to stay inside the port, all departments of YANTIAN acted quickly and worked together to complete the task in only 48 hours, providing a well-organised, safe and comfortable living environment for the them. The relevant teams also offer support such as transportation, catering service and fire safety arrangements in advance.


After the Shenzhen COVID-19 Prevention and Control Committee issued a new notice on the evening of March 13, the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Committee of YANTIAN held an emergency video conference within 1.5 hours to activate pandemic response mechanism to maintain smooth port operations and guarantee steady transportation of supplies to HK. The Committee decided to have all department heads and deputy heads as well as staff of key positions to stay inside the port. After receiving the notice, all of them rushed back to the company in the very night, demonstrating their strong sense of responsibility.


Port Operation and Pandemic Prevention of Equal Importance

All the staff members were highly motivated and committed to contributing themselves to both pandemic prevention and port operations. With their joint efforts, smooth traffic flow around the port area, stable terminal operation, and stable transportation of supplies to Hong Kong were achieved. Hats off to every staff member and contractor worker for their concerted efforts that make all these possible!  

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Masks will only block the virus, not our unity and courage!


COVID-19 Response with Precise Measures

YANTIAN adopts a variety of technologies, including self-developed "electronic fence on board", "“iYANTIAN” information management system for COVID-19 containment, and the self-service temperature and health code checker (for details, please see the article Operating in Full Gear while Upkeeping COVID-19 Preventive Measures to Facilitate Smooth Flow of International Trade in the Greater Bay Area) to perform precise pandemic prevention and achieve the best result with the minimum cost.

▲The electronic fence developed by YANTIAN is the first of its kind in China. If a crew member steps out of the living area, the electronic fence will immediately notify the ship's supervisor to take measures to ensure that dock workers will not contact with the crew member.


Care and Love

Recently, following sending holiday greetings and gifts to the frontline staff members during New Year and the Spring Festival, YANTIAN's management team and female staff representatives visited the frontline workers to show care and appreciation for their hard work.


YANTIAN will continue to work with relevant government departments to make timely adjustments on COVID-19 preventive measures, minimising the impact of the pandemic on port operations and facilitating economic and social development.

Gathering our strength and courage to move forward
Building a solid defense line at port to guarantee the stability of the supply chain
Victory will eventually belong to everyone who is brave enough to fight the pandemic!