June 28, 2022
YANTIAN Launches "YANTIAN - Zhuzhou Inland Port Alliance" and the Inland Port in Yueyang, Taking Its Intermodal Service to the Next Level
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Recently, YANTIAN's intermodal service took two important steps in Hunan, a significant gateway to Central China: it signed a statement of cooperation with Xiangyuefei International Logistics on the development of YANTIAN - Zhuzhou Inland Port Alliance, and opened its 8th Inland Port in Yueyang. With the strong support of the Hunan Provincial Government, YANTIAN is expected to provide more convenient and efficient channels for international trade for enterprises in Hunan, promoting the transfer of coastal industries to Hunan and giving impetus to the rise of the central region.

Inland port alliance with information connectivity

On June 22, YANTIAN intermodal promotion and customer communication event was held in Changsha. The event was attended by Port Office of Hunan Provincial Government, Shenzhen Dapeng Customs, China Railway Guangzhou Group and its subordinate units, head of relevant departments of YANTIAN, and more than 60 representatives of shipping lines and logistics enterprises from Shenzhen and shippers from Hunan.


YANTIAN and Xiangyuefei International Logistics signed a statement of cooperation on the development of YANTIAN-Zhuzhou Inland Port Alliance to extend YANTIAN's gate service to the cargo catchment area in Hunan, making Zhuzhou an inland port of YANTIAN in Human.


Yueyang becomes the 8th Inland Port of YANTIAN

On June 23, the ceremony marking the establishment of YANTIAN's Inland Port in Yueyang and the kick-off of the container rail service was held in Yueyang. Representatives of the Yunxi District Government, Chenglingji Xingang District Management Committee of Yueyang, Shenzhen Dapeng Customs, China Railway Guangzhou Group, and heads of relevant functional departments of YANTIAN attended the event.

At the ceremony, the first train loaded with 24 TEU of containers of building materials left the depot. The cargoes arrived at YANTIAN within 48 hours and were loaded onto container vessels heading for Southeast Asia.


Yueyang Inland Port is the second inland port of YANTIAN in Hunan after Liling Inland Port. It is another milestone of the "1+2+N" strategic cooperation between YANTIAN and China Railway Guangzhou. The intermodal container depot, with a total land area of 80,000 square meters and 2 dedicated lines for loading and unloading, can deliver up to 200 TEU per day, over 40,000 TEU on a yearly basis. Compared with river-sea intermodal service, the rail-sea intermodal service to Yantian Port can save at least 7 days of transportation for local enterprises.


After the ceremony, over 20 representatives of shipping lines and third party logistics companies from Shenzhen visited Yueyang Chenglingji Integrated Bonded Area and a renowned ceramic factory in Liling together with the YANTIAN team.

Improve the layout of inland ports and promote the high-quality development of intermodal service

As the container hub port of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and the largest container port in the world run by a single terminal operator, YANTIAN launched its intermodal service in 1996 and is one of the first ports in China to launch this service. Since this year, YANTIAN has expanded its intermodal service network and launched YANTIAN-Jiangmen Intermodal Service, YANTIAN-Jieyang Intermodal Service, Dongguan-YANTIAN-Hong Kong Intermodal Express Service, and Longchuan Inland Port. YANTIAN has successively opened eight inland ports in Pinghu South, Changping, Ganzhou, Heyuan, Heshan, Liling, Longchuan and Yueyang, and launched 24 intermodal services, with the intermodal throughput generated by international trade in the forefront of domestic ports. YANTIAN actively responds to the call of the government to develop intermodal service to further boost green development. In the future, YANTIAN will continue to work together with all parties involved to improve the layout of inland ports and promote the high-quality development of intermodal service network. By leverage the role of Shenzhen as a port-based national logistics hub, it will strive to better serve the high-quality development of international trade in the Greater Bay Area, make contributions to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and ensure the smooth operations of the supply chain and the industrial chain.

5.pngYantian Port's Asia-Pacific-Pan-Pearl River Delta-Europe International Multimodal Service Project has been recognised as "National Multimodal Service Demonstration Project" by the Ministry of Transport and the National Development and Reform Commission.