July 6, 2022
SZCBEA Officially Inaugurated Its Yantian Branch to Jointly Build an International Hub for Cross-border E-commerce
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In order to build a favourable cross-border e-commerce ecology, improve the development quality of cross-border e-commerce, and jointly build a globally renowned international hub for cross-border e-commerce, the Yantian Branch of Shenzhen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association (SZCBEA) was officially inaugurated and based in YICT Building. The plaque presentation ceremony was held on July 5, which was attended by Zeng Jianpeng, Member of the Standing Committee of Yantian District CPC Committee and Deputy District Governor of Yantian District, Wen Siquan, Director of Dapeng Customs, Liu Jintang, Director of Meisha Customs, Yang Zhijun, Deputy Director of E-Commerce Department of Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Wang Xin, Executive Chairperson of SZCBEA, and Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of Hutchison Ports YANTIAN.


The Yantian Branch is established at the right time

Zeng Jianpeng, Member of the Standing Committee of Yantian District CPC Committee and Deputy District Governor of Yantian District, said that the cross-border e-commerce was flourishing, and recently, Yantian District CPC Committee and the District Government launched the "Five Ones" campaign focusing on developing cross-border e-commerce and promoting industrial clustering: launching one policy, building one industrial park, forming one institute, establishing one branch, and setting up one special class. Establishing one branch refers to the SZCBEA Yantian Branch. Zeng Jianpeng promised that Yantian District Government would leverage the Yantian Branch and work together with SZCBEA to build a world-renowned international hub for cross-border e-commerce in Yantian to consolidate the position of Yantian Port as the preferred port of call for cross-border e-commerce in South China, seize new opportunities for cross-border e-commerce development, and build a favourable cross-border e-commerce ecology.


Wang Xin, Executive Chairperson of SZCBEA, said, “Yantian Branch is the first official branch of SZCBEA in Shenzhen, and YANTIAN played an important role in promoting its establishment. The era of cross-border e-commerce 2.0 is an era where all factors gather in the cross-border e-commerce industry, and we hope that the SZCBEA Yantian Branch will be the ‘lighthouse’ of the industry, regulating and leading its stable and sustainable development."


As the initiator of industry standards for cross-border e-commerce, SZCBEA has been committed to leading and promoting the development of the entire cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. In December last year, YANTIAN took the initiative to hold the founding meeting of the South China Cross-border E-Commerce Logistics Standardization Committee hosted by SZCBEA, and the two sides worked together to promote the standardization of the cross-border e-commerce industry. On June 17, the Yantian Branch was established, and SZCBEA awarded YANTIAN as the "Honorary President Organization of SZCBEA Yantian Branch".

YANTIAN leverages its role as a key port to help boost the industry

Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of Hutchison Ports YANTIAN, said that cross-border e-commerce, as an emerging trade model, was an international trade model with the fastest development, the greatest potential and the strongest driving effect in China, but it also faced with some pain points. YANTIAN will continue to shoulder the responsibility of a major port, and give feedback on issues and needs encountered by enterprises in the port and cross-border e-commerce ecosystems to relevant government departments, working with the government and industry partners to further drive the sustainable development of the cross-border e-commerce industry.


With more than 100 international services, including 15 e-commerce express routes, YANTIAN is a key gateway for China's international trade, serving one-third of the container volume generated by import and export in Guangdong Province, and one-fourth of the Sino-US trade. Leveraging its advantages of express shipping routes, YANTIAN has been innovating services for cross-border e-commerce logistics. It provides 9710 (cross-border e-commerce B2B direct export) and 9810 (cross-border e-commerce export overseas warehouse) priority container inspection services for cross-border e-commerce, launches cross-border e-commerce 9610+T86 (consolidation for export), Shenzhen-Hong Kong 9610 (consolidation for export), cross-border intermodal services for bonded areas, and MCC mode on-dock based on intermodal services,     becoming terminal-of-choice for cross-border e-commerce in South China by helping cross-border e-commerce merchants export quickly, efficiently and flexibly.

Gather wisdom to drive innovative development

At the roundtable session, five enterprises of the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem were invited to share their opinions the future development of the industry. They were cross-border e-commerce export enterprise, import enterprise in the integrated bonded area, seller platform enterprise, reverse logistics operation enterprise, and cross-border business declaration enterprise, covering all links of the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem chain. Among them, the Los Angeles-based Newegg Group, one of the largest technology e-commerce platforms in the United States, is committed to helping Chinese cross-border export sellers develop the North American market and is currently planning to settle in Yantian. Jin Hong, director of cross-border store development of Newegg, said, "Yantian not only has abundant European and American routes, but also a high-quality business environment and complete supporting industries, which are highly compatible with Newegg's strategic deployment in China, and that is why we choose to settle in Yantian." It is believed that Newegg Group can drive more sellers' platforms and industrial chains to gather in Yantian in the future.


At the same time, representatives from enterprises have expressed that the government, customs and enterprises shall join hand in hand to evoke market vitality. Yantian Integrated Bonded Area launched 24-hour clearance at 17:00 on July 6, becoming the first all-weather customs special supervision area in China, which will work around the clock to help enterprises save costs and increase efficiency. This new initiative was spoken highly by the industry at the meeting and was expected to further promote the high-quality development of the bonded area. Together with the policy support of Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone, and a series of effective and precise industrial support measures from the government, the industry ecosystem can better integrate various resources to boost the cluster development of the cross-border ecosystem in Shenzhen.

Act as a "communication bridge" to help Chinese brands go global

Nearly 100 enterprises from the cross-border e-commerce industry attended the event. Hundreds of suggestions were collected, and industry players put forward their needs, suggestions and visions for the development of cross-border e-commerce from multiple perspectives and at multiple levels. Many enterprise representatives said they were planning to open new branches to Yantian and new business sections. They also expected Yantian Branch to further empower the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem to help Chinese brands go global.

In the face of the complex and changing international trade landscape and the uncertainty of the recurring epidemic, YANTIAN, as the Honorary President Organization of SZCBEA Yantian Branch, will act as a "communication bridge" and work together with all industry partners under the strong support from governments at all levels and port inspection units to drive the development of a new port-based trade ecosystem, so that the port and the industry can support and reinforce each other.

YANTIAN, as the terminal-of-choice for cross-border e-commerce in South China, will continue to leverage its role as a key port and promote the development of the cross-border e-commerce industry with all parties involved. Our vision is to "make China the showcase of cross-border e-commerce in the world, and make Yantian the showcase of cross-border e-commerce in China". By striving to boost the maritime economy in Shenzhen, YANTIAN hopes to make greater contributions to turning the city into a global logistics hub with multiple business models, functions, and industries.