July 11, 2022
24/7 Cargo Lanes for Port-Zone Interaction Launched
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To facilitate the smooth operations of the supply chain of key industries in the region, optimise the business environment, and meet urgent needs and expectations of enterprises, Shenzhen Customs and Yantian District Government have worked together to promote the implementation of 24/7 cargo lane operation in the Yantian Integrated Bonded Area (YIBA). Since 17:00 on 6 July 2022, the opening hours of cargo lanes at the north gate have been changed from 09:00-17:00 on Monday to Saturday (except for public holidays, and the regular overtime hours are 08:30-21:00) to 24/7 operation, which also marks that YIBA is the first in China to achieve all-weather, reservation-free operation under port-zone-city interaction.


Industrial upgrade with less costs and higher efficiency


YIBA is the first national-level integrated bonded area in Shenzhen. It is adjacent to the world-class Yantian Port and has a dedicated "green lane" connected with the port, which already achieved 24-hour access in June 2019. With the 24/7 operation of the cargo lanes at the north gate, the operational efficiency of YIBA will be greatly improved, effectively reducing the cargo circulation time, saving business operating costs, and improving the business environment and expansion of the jurisdiction. This measure is expected to further boost the cross-border e-commerce, cold chain logistics, and other new business in the park.

The off-dock warehouses include the world's top 50 freight forwarders and well-known LCL enterprises of China. Their LCL business accounted for more than half of the country, which is also the key focus of international trade players over the years. The 24/7 clearance will facilitate the upgrade of the warehouses and the optimisation of resources, further consolidating YANTIAN’s position as a key port for international trade traffic in Guangdong Province.

A new chapter for port-zone interaction


 As a key link of the port-zone-city interaction, YANTIAN has set up a dedicated commercial team to monitor the operation and development of the off-dock warehousing enterprises and maintain close contact with them. As tractors in YIBA are featured with "short-haul transport and frequent entry and exit", YANTIAN developed a dedicated reservation system for YIBA in cooperation with Shenzhen Pengyun Shipping Electronic Data Exchange Co. Ltd.. The system can play an important role in facilitating container turnaround and efficient operations of the industry. Recently, in response to the practical needs of enterprises in YIBA, YANTIAN further optimised the reservation system to achieve round-the-clock ETB-7 in-gate reservation, helping enterprises to improve their turnover efficiency, optimise resource allocation, and leverage limited storage resources, giving full play to the advantages of the port-zone interaction.

Policy support for a future-oriented free trade zone

Looking ahead, with the advantages of synergistic development of free trade zones of Guangdong Province, Yantian District will further innovate industry interaction to build a demonstration zone of high-quality industrial development and enhance the overall competitiveness of the region. YANTIAN, with dense service network, well-developed logistics services, and in-depth interaction with the port and the bonded area/the free trade zone, will also keep playing its role as an international hub port in the Greater Bay Area to provide premium services for customers and facilitate the smooth flow of container traffic of the Greater Bay Area.

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