July 31, 2022
YANTIAN Launches Wuhan-Yueyang-YANTAIN Intermodal Service
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On the morning of July 16, a train loaded with mechanical and electrical goods from Wuhan and Yueyang left Yueyang Lukoupu Station and arrived at YANTIAN two days later. This marks the successful operation of the intermodal service from Wuhan to Yantian Port, offering customers a new logistics channel between Wuhan and Shenzhen. 


Wuhan is the capital and major industrial and commercial city of Hubei province, selling its electronics, electromechanics, steel, and other products around the globe. The city's international trade reached CNY335.94 billion in 2021, an increase of 24%, accounting for a dominating 62.5% of the total in Hubei province.


Previously, the export cargo from Wuhan to Yantian Port was mainly preformed by land transportation, or shipped from Wuhan Wujiashan Rail Station to Shenzhen, which is slow and costly. This year, many exporters in Wuhan are more eager to find a faster and more stable logistics channel to Shenzhen, given that the traditional waterway and road transport are severely affected by COVID-19. The new logistics solution is another initiative YANTIAN launched to cater to the growing demands of our customers, following the inauguration of YANTIAN’s Inland Port in Yueyang.