August 6, 2022
What Has Been Done in the 30 Days Since the Inauguration of SZCBEA Yantian Branch
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On 5 July 2022, Yantian Branch of Shenzhen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association (SZCBEA) was established at YICT Building. In just 30 days, YANTIAN, as the "Honorary President Organization" of SZCBEA Yantian Branch, has launched multiple initiatives to drive the development of cross-border e-commerce industry, which we hope will yield fruitful results.


Government-Enterprise cooperation lays a solid foundation for cross-border e-commerce development 

The plaque unveiling ceremony of SZCBEA Yantian Branch held on July 5 empowered the cross-border e-commerce industry ecosystem in Yantian District. SZCBEA Yantian Branch, in cooperation with the district government, is vigorously promoting the development of cross-border e-commerce, striving to make Yantian District a globally renowned international cross-border e-commerce hub. 

On July 6, Newegg Group, one of the largest technology e-commerce platforms in the U.S., settled its e-commerce business in YANTIAN, which has greatly enriched the cross-border e-commerce industry landscape in Yantian and will attract more e-commerce enterprises to move in.


On July 9, a training session on cross-border e-commerce knowledge was held for government departments and enterprises in the Yantian District. It provided insights into the global development landscape of the cross-border e-commerce market and the performance of Chinese cross-border e-commerce enterprises, aiming to help Yantian District develop support policies suitable for its cross-border e-commerce, while taking advantage of the port to build it into a headquarter for cross-border e-commerce logistics.


Hit the pain points 

Shenzhen, as the "city of cross-border e-commerce", has remarkable track record in the cross-border e-commerce with its 40 indicators, including policy implementation, annual import and export volume and growth rate, overseas warehouse development, ranking in the forefront of the country. Governments at all levels also offer strong support. In the Measures to Stabilise Economic Growth in the Second Half of 2022 released by the Yantian District Government, it is proposed to facilitate "industrial clusters + cross-border e-commerce", launch special support policies for cross-border e-commerce in Yantian, and build a regional cross-border e-commerce centre. State government agencies like the General Administration of Customs, State Taxation Administration, the Ministry of Commerce, and the People's Bank of China have successively introduced support measures for cross-border e-commerce, optimised related policies, to support the healthy and sustainable development of new international trade models. However, the cross-border e-commerce industry is still hindered by the following pain points:

◇ More in-depth policy interpretation is needed to guide market-side implementation
◇ Lack of talents with global vision
◇ Legal, financial and tax compliance

YANTIAN is well aware of advantages and downsides of cross-border e-commerce in Shenzhen. In response to the above-mentioned issues and outlook, it strives to organise various seminars, visits to enterprises, government-enterprise training and business negotiations: 

Exchange between Yantian District Government and e-commerce enterprises in the Cloud Park on July 12

Given the urgency to address the shortage of talents with global view, it is suggested at the seminar that Yantian District, with its advantages of having a world-class port and well-developed warehouses, boost the development of cross-border e-commerce reverse logistics, introduce high-quality logistics service providers and talents with a wide range of skills, and roll out tailor-made development policies for enterprises.


Seminar on cross-border e-commerce tax process on August 2

Cross-border e-commerce not only needs to comply with laws and regulations in China, but also with global standards. YANTIAN invited experts and leaders from the taxation bureau to discuss and find solutions to the taxation issues encountered by cross-border e-commerce enterprises, assisting them in clearing obstacles. The goal is to make tax filing and tax refunding easier, boosting the development of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, and facilitating Chinese brands to go global.


Mr. Wan Chunsheng, Director of the Second Taxation Branch of Shenzhen Taxation Service, and Ms. Yao Ning, Director of the Fourth Taxation Branch of Shenzhen Taxation Service, said, "We are especially grateful to YANTIAN for taking the initiative to offer an exchange platform that makes the communications between taxation bureau and enterprises unobstructed. Our focuses and concerns are finding issues, developing suitable policies, and improving services. We will collect opinions and suggestions and report them to relevant authorities to effectively solve tax-related issues encountered by cross-border e-commerce enterprises, promote the sustainable development of the industry, and safeguard cross-border e-commerce enterprises with the most efficient and best services. "

微信图片_20220808120309.jpgMr. Wan Chunsheng, Director of the Second Taxation Branch of Shenzhen Taxation Service

微信图片_20220808120304.jpgMs. Yao Ning, Director of the Fourth Taxation Branch of Shenzhen Taxation Service

Exchange on development trends of cross-border e-commerce and 3PLs logistics technologies on August 4

Given the visions of branding, digitalisation, and intelligence, attendees exchanged ideas on pain points like logistics information tracking lag and how to address them with stakeholders such as Yantian Port International Information Co., Ltd and head logistics service providers, helping enterprises improve internal management and external resources coordination to make the supply chain service more visualised and digital.


YANTIAN commits itself to innovation-driven development, serving as a bridge for communication. It continues to address issues faced by the cross-border e-commerce industry like talent shortage and how to achieve regulatory compliance. With its digital outlook of the industry and vision to "make China the showcase of cross-border e-commerce in the world, and make Yantian the showcase of cross-border e-commerce in China", YANTIAN strives to give impetus to the maritime economy in Shenzhen, hoping to make greater contributions to the establishment of the city as a global logistics hub.