October 30, 2022
Good News: Yantian District Boosts Its Support for Cross-Border E-Commerce
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The cross-border e-commerce is booming
as we approach the "Double 11", "Black Friday", "Cyber Monday", 
and Christmas shopping season,
represented by the steady stream of vessels loaded with festive gifts 
depart from Yantian Port,
showing Yantian's ambition for a greater "blue ocean".


On October 24, the Support Measures for Accelerating the Quality Development of Cross-border E-commerce Industry in Yantian District (hereinafter referred to as "Support Measures") was officially issued, introducing a total of 17 preferential policies to build a robust industry ecosystem for cross-border e-commerce.

Coupled with the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed two months ago between Yantian District People's Government and Shenzhen Cross-border E-Commerce Association (SZCBEA) on building a cross-border e-commerce logistics base, Yantian's cross-border e-commerce is set to usher in a golden era.

Policy interpretation: Pragmatic initiatives facilitate industry clustering and development

Thriving businesses contribute to a thriving industry. In the Support Measures, increasing and attracting investment in quality cross-border e-commerce enterprises is the top priority.


For large and top-ranking enterprises, Yantian District offers a one-off incentive of RMB60 million to newly introduced headquarters of "Fortune 500" enterprises listed by Fortune magazine, and a one-off incentive of RMB30 million to newly settled headquarters of the "China 500" companies jointly listed by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Enterprise Directors Association.

Yantian District also offers a one-off incentive of up to RMB60 million to leading and backbone enterprises that settle in the district based on their scale and economic contribution. In addition, Yantian District will provide subsidies for their purchase of office space, housing leases, and renovations, depending on the specific circumstances.

Scientific and technological innovation is undoubtedly the key for industries to grow stronger. The Support Measures clearly states that enterprises passing the national high-tech enterprise identification for the first time will be awarded RMB300,000. Yantian District also encourages cross-border e-commerce-related enterprises to upgrade their livestreaming bases, and eligible enterprises can receive up to RMB2 million in support.


Yantian District strives to create the most favourable entrepreneurial environment for talent in the industry. According to the Support Measures, university graduates who have their household registrations settled in the district, have worked continuously for one year in cross-border e-commerce-related enterprises of a certain size, qualification, and quota, and have been recommended by their companies, as well as university graduates who have household registrations settled in the district and have run their own cross-border e-commerce-related business normally for two years, are eligible for subsidies ranging from RMB20,000 to RMB50,000. Moreover, cross-border e-commerce-related enterprises can also apply for public housing for their young and talented employees.

"In general, the Support Measures not only highlights the newly introduced enterprises brought in by investment, but also focuses on concerns of existing enterprises. It covers both leading enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises with great potential to drive them to increase their income and innovate in science and technology. Enterprises can now enjoy better financial services and space support," said the Director of Yantian Industry and Information Technology Bureau. 


Advantages: Why cross-border e-commerce favours Yantian?

At present, global consumers are actively or passively shifting their consumption online due to the pandemic. Benefiting from the industrial chain and supply chain advantages of Made in China, China's cross-border e-commerce industry has seen robust growth.

The development of cross-border e-commerce in Yantian District is also in full swing and is now a major highlight in Yantian's international trade. Up to now, cross-border e-commerce B2B exports from Yantian Port exceeded RMB100 billion, accounting for about half of Shenzhen's total, making it the prominent terminal-of-choice for cross-border e-commerce in South China. So why do cross-border e-commerce businesses favour Yantian so much?


With the world's largest container port run by a single terminal operator, Yantian District overwhelms many other regions in fast and efficient logistics services. "Compared to other regions, Yantian has significant advantages in port and competitiveness to develop cross-border e-commerce and logistics services," said Wang Xin, Executive Chairperson of SZCBEA.

Recently, Yantian TV Station also reported on the attractiveness of YANTIAN as the terminal-of-choice for cross-border e-commerce in South China.

  • YANTIAN has 14 premium express shipping services for cross-border e-commerce among its 100 plus weekly services to the major destinations worldwide. Representing over 90% the Europe and U.S. services of Shenzhen Port, YANTIAN is able to offer great convenience for cross-border e-commerce merchants. In addition, under the support of the Dapeng Customs, its 9710 (cross-border e-commerce B2B direct export) and 9810 (cross-border e-commerce export overseas warehouse) priority container inspection services for cross-border e-commerce significantly improve the clearance efficiency of the port.

  • In addition to premium services and clearance priority, YANTIAN established a professional cross-border e-commerce service team to maintain close contact with customers and keep abreast of the latest trends and needs of the industry. The team has integrated various industry resources and developed a range of supporting products to enable cross-border e-commerce to go global smoothly, demonstrating the responsibility and influence of a major port.

  • Last but not least, as the President Organization of the SZCBEA Logistics Branch, YANTIAN serves as a bridge linking the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. It provides industry information and suggestions to relevant government departments and associations, working with the whole industry ecosystem to boost the quality development of cross-border e-commerce.

Looking to the future: How can Yantian further prosper cross-border e-commerce?

From the settlement of Newegg Group, a top 10 cross-border e-commerce giant in North America in July, to the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Yantian District People's Government and SZCBEA in August, Yantian District never stops in prospering the cross-border e-commerce industry.


Against this backdrop, how can YANTIAN keep consolidating its position as the terminal-of-choice for cross-border e-commerce in South China?

  • In response to changing demands of the emerging cross-border e-commerce markets, we will strive to expand our service network and provide more options for cross-border e-commerce in South China.

  • We will improve cross-border e-commerce logistics support and make every effort to put into use the 9610 supervisory facilities dedicated to consolidation for export (Shenzhen-Hong Kong) and the 1210 facilities in Yantian Integrated Bonded Area as early as possible.

  • Innovating goods return and transshipment model in reverse logistics will also be our focus to adapt to the market landscape of cross-border e-commerce, logistics trends, and market demands.

  • And most importantly, we will fully uphold the "Five Ones" campaign launched by Yantian District CPC Committee and the District Government — launching one policy, building one industrial park, forming one institute, establishing one branch, and setting up one dedicated team — to attract and support more cross-border e-commerce enterprises to settle in Yantian District, turning it into a cross-border e-commerce logistics center.


In the foreseeable future, along with the growth of the cross-border e-commerce industry, Yantian District will show its unique value in the global industry chain and serve the global market with higher production capacity. 

In this "golden era" for cross-border e-commerce development in Yantian District, YANTIAN will join hands with the government, customs, associations, and enterprises to secure the sustainable development of cross-border e-commerce in China, enhance the voice of Made in China on the international stage, and reshape the international trade landscape, making its own contributions to the quality development of international trade in China.