January 9, 2023
First Chenzhou-YANTIAN Intermodal Service Launched: YANTIAN Partners with Chenzhou International Inland Port to Leverage the "South Gateway" of Hunan Province
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On 6 January 2023, the inauguration ceremony of YANTIAN's Inland Port in Chenzhou and the Chenzhou-Shenzhen (YANTIAN) Intermodal Service was held. Jiang Huiliang, Deputy Secretary of Beihu District CPC Committee and Head of the District, presided over the event. Feng Haiyan, member of the Standing Committee of Chenzhou Municipal CPC Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Chenzhou, announced the official launch of the service. Huang Zhengrong, Vice Mayor of Chenzhou, Luo Chenghui, Vice Mayor of Chenzhou and Secretary of Beihu District CPC Committee delivered speeches at the event. Dong Yanze, Director of the Department of Port and Shipping Administration of Shenzhen Transport Bureau, and Peng Zhihong, Logistics Director of YANTIAN attended the ceremony.


At 2:18 pm, witnessed by all guests, a train loaded with 25 containers of photovoltaic glass, electronic products, toys and furniture produced by Chenzhou enterprises departed from Chenzhou International Inland Port and headed for Yantian Port in Shenzhen.

It has always been YANTIAN's mission to establish a world-class container hub port and to provide professional, efficient, and reliable terminal services to the shipping industry and export / import community through constant reform and innovation. As one of the world's busiest container terminals, YANTIAN partners with shipping lines to offer more than 100 weekly services to destinations worldwide, of which over 60% are Europe and U.S. services. A key container operator of Shenzhen and South China, YANTIAN serves over 1/3 of the import and export container traffic of Guangdong province and 1/4 of the container volume generated by the Sino-US trade.

Chenzhou Inland Port is YANTIAN's 11th inland port and its 3rd inland port in Hunan Province, after Liling and Yueyang. At present, YANTIAN has launched 28 intermodal services, including Yueyang, Changsha, Zhuzhou, Liling, and Hengyang services along the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway. Chenzhou Inland Port marks that YANTIAN is able to provide intermodal services in all the prefecture-level cities in Hunan along the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, a milestone of green transportation development in Hunan Province.


Chenzhou International Inland Port is a key link for the international trade of the city and the province. As the "Gateway of South Hunan", Chenzhou is actively developing its electronic information manufacturing and modern logistics industries. Chenzhou Inland Port offers a door-to-port intermodal channel with stable, efficient, and low-carbon rail services for local exporters, helping them saving costs and creating more business value.

Chenzhou Inland Port is another achievement of the "1+2+N" strategic cooperation between Guangzhou Railway Group and YANTIAN, a new start for the industrial cooperation between Shenzhen and Chenzhou, and an important initiative to promote the green port development and achieve the goals of  "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality". It allows local importers and exporters to enjoy the convenience brought by Yantian Port's well-development service network and its advantages as a hub port, helping Chenzhou better gear to the supply and industrial chains in the Greater Bay Area for a more prosperous future.