December 16, 2022
Gear Up for Development: Contract Signing Ceremony for YANTIAN East Port Phase I Development Held at YANTIAN
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YANTIAN East Port Phase I Development, as the major project of YANTIAN in the new era, has been listed in the "14th Five-Year Plan", "Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area", and other important infrastructure initiatives in China to drive the intelligent and green port development. With the joint efforts of all parties involved, the procurement and bidding of engineering and equipment started in order after the official approval from the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission in August this year. Following the foundation treatment and quay dredging projects from September, the main quay, revetment engineering, and equipment procurement were finalised as scheduled.

On December 14, YANTIAN held the contract signing ceremony for the Project, which was attended by leaders and guests including Hu Chaoyang, Chairperson of Yantian Port Group and Yantian Port East Port International Container Terminal Co., Ltd, Zeng Jianpeng, Executive Deputy Head of Yantian District Government, Dong Yanze, Director of the Department of Port and Shipping Administration of Shenzhen Transport Bureau, Liu Chengyun, General Manager Assistant of CCCC Group and Chairperson of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company Limited, Li Huiming, Chairperson of CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co. Ltd., Pan Qiang, Vice President of ICBC Shenzhen Branch, Wei Bingquan, Vice President of ABC Shenzhen Branch, and Chen Jing, Senior Vice President of Sany Group and General Manager of Sany Marine Heavy Industry. 

IMG_0403.jpgLawrence Shum, Managing Director of Hutchison Ports YANTIAN

YANTIAN have received strong support from the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Shenzhen Transport Bureau, Yantian District Government, and organizations like ICBC and ABC, which offer financial support, CCCC, ZPMC, and Sany as long-term partners and equipment suppliers. We are confident that the East Port will become a world-class automated, intelligent, and green port to showcase the achievement of South China and even China in the port and shipping industry. Let's work together to set new records and clinch the seventh and eighth Luban Award, Tien-Yow Jeme Prize and other national engineering awards

IMG_0404.jpgDong Yanze, Director of the Department of Port and Shipping Administration of Shenzhen Transport Bureau

YANTIAN East Port is tasked with the great missions to develop Shenzhen into a global marine center with overall competitiveness, build a world-class port cluster in the Greater Bay Area, and turn China into a transportation power. It is the key to establish a port-based national logistics center in Shenzhen, and a model of intelligent, green, and modern port development. As Premier Li Keqiang said during his visit to Yantian Port in August this year, we shall leave no stone unturned to develop the East Port and turn Yantian Port into one of the largest ports in the world.

IMG_0405.jpgZeng Jianpeng, Executive Deputy Head of Yantian District Government

Yantian Port is the most essential strategic resource, development platform, and highlight of Yantian District. The East Port, as a major project of the 14th Five-Year Plan of China, is of great significance for Yantian District to build an international shipping hub. 

Today's signing ceremony marks a new stage of the East Port Project. Yantian District Government will, as always, fully support the construction of the Project to build the world's smartest, most advanced, and greenest port and a marine center with global influence!

YANTIAN East Port Project Signing Ceremony

The total investment of this project is about RMB10.9 billion. This signing ceremony marks that the YANTIAN East Port project has ushered in a new stage. 

01 Syndicated Loan Signing Ceremony


Led by ICBC Shenzhen Yantian Branch, Yantian Port East Port International Container Terminal Co., Ltd signed a syndicated loan agreement with ICBC Shenzhen Yantian Branch and ABC Shenzhen East Branch to support the smooth operation of the Project financially.

02 Contract Signing Ceremony for the Quay and Revetment Engineering


YNATIAN East Port Project will build three new 200,000-ton automated container berths with a shoreline of 1,470 meters long, a water depth of -18.0 meters alongside, and a design annual throughput of 3 million TEU. The project will be operated coordinately with the Phases I, II, III & Expansion projects and the West Port to enhance the operational capacity of Yantian Port, consolidating its position as one of the busiest container ports in the world.

03 Procurement Contract Signing Ceremony for the Double-Trolley Quay Cranes


To drive automated and smart development, YANTIAN purchased the double-trolley quayside container overhead cranes from ZPMC, one of the world's most advanced automation equipment, which can not only boost the operational efficiency, but can also better serve more "giants of the sea".

04 Procurement Contract Signing Ceremony for the Automatic Rail-mounted Gantry Cranes


A world-class smart port requires world-class technologies, machinery, and infrastructure. Therefore, YANTIAN purchased the automatic rail-mounted gantry cranes from Sany to make the terminal operation more automated, flexible, and safe. Its operational speed is 30% faster than the traditional crane and can realise automatic container scanning, laser, and accurate positioning. In addition, it is also equipped with a top-notch anti-collision system and other advanced equipment.


The signing ceremony of the YANTIAN East Port Phase I Development, as a new step to build a national port-based logistics hub in Shenzhen, was successfully concluded with the strong support from various government departments and organizations.

Shenzhen is striding towards a global marine center. Looking ahead, YANTIAN will keep making every effort to build a world-class, smart and green port and an international logistics hub to help drive the development of Shenzhen as the pilot demonstration zone and the Greater Bay Area, empowering China's international trade and global supply chains.