January 20, 2023
Annual Roundup 6: New Services, New Possibilities
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With the sound of the whistle, a mega-vessel carrying 66 electric vehicles departed from Yantian Port. Up to now, more than 600 electric vehicles have been shipped from YANTIAN to the rest of the world.


Key Words for an Innovative 2022

  • On March 21, we launched the "Dongguan-Yantian-Hong Kong" intermodal express service with "one container to the end". Containers loaded with furniture and other supplies transported to Pingyan Railway Station will be directly loaded onto the feeder for delivery to Hong Kong, providing a new efficient logistics channel for cargo shipment to Hong Kong.

  • On June 6, given the rapid growth of China's lithium battery industry and the fact that 3C products are top one exported goods in cross-border e-commerce, YANTIAN communicated with the Shenzhen Transport Bureau and got its approval to take the lead in implementing Safety Requirements for Port Operations Part 3: Dangerous Goods Containers, releasing more yard space for dangerous goods and improving the storage capacity of Yantian Port for lithium batteries and other Class 9 dangerous goods. Under the new regulation, YANTIAN's dangerous goods volume in the second half of 2022 increased by 135% compared to the first half of the year, and the total dangerous goods throughput in 2022 increased by 45% year-on-year.

  • On September 23, YANTIAN safely exported the customer's own tank containers loaded with dangerous goods via "advance declaration and shipside loading", an innovative operation mode with the most complicated process in the history of port and shipping supply chain requiring extensive collaboration.

  • On September 28, a batch of international trade cargoes from Shanghai arrived at Yantian Port by rail via Changping, Dongguan for export. This is a successful case of YANTIAN's efforts to expand its cargo catchment areas and innovate service models for inland exporters under the everchanging international trade landscape.

  • On September 30, YANTIAN exported nearly one hundred made-in-China new energy vehicles to Europe. This is the first time we transported new energy vehicles in containers.

In 2022, YANTIAN successfully performed it first LNG bunkering operation, which was selected as one of the top ten highlights of Shenzhen's development and reform of the year. It has accelerated the development of YANTIAN Bonded LNG Bunkering Centre to make the service more professional and market-oriented to attract more vessels to call at the port, driving the growth of international trade in Shenzhen and cementing the status of Shenzhen port as an international shipping hub.

In 2022, YANTIAN overcame all adversity against the COVID-19 pandemic to make breakthroughs in the range and level of its services, expand cooperation with the customers, and respond to the market call to provide the best logistics solutions by leveraging its advantages in extensive networks of intermodal and feeder services, demonstrating its core values of "Customer First, Pioneering Spirit, and Innovation".

Under the customer-centric philosophy, YANTIAN is committed to extending its efficient and convenient port services to the Pearl River Delta and even to the whole country to cater to growing business demand and facilitate the smooth operations of the supply chain and industry chain in the Greater Bay Area.