January 20, 2023
Annual Roundup 5: A Green and Smart Port
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In 2022, YANTIAN's annual carbon emissions was reduced by nearly 7,400 tons, equivalent to planting over 400,000 trees. Guided by the environmental protection philosophy, which is a constant priority at YANTIAN, you can see electric RTGCs performing loading and unloading operations at the terminal, and LNG tractors shuttling to and fro.

We are applying more intelligent technologies in protecting our environment. As a green and intelligent port, YANTIAN has been making new breakthroughs.

01 A Lighter Carbon Footprint

Over the past decade, despite tremendous growth in throughput, we have seen a significant reduction in carbon emissions per TEU, thanks to three initiatives: shore to ship power system, electric RTGCs, and LNG-powered tractors.


In addition to the above-mentioned initiatives, YANTIAN has also been committed to protecting marine ecosystem and biodiversity and promoting energy-efficient lighting. In the fourth quarter of 2022, we purchased another batch of electric forklifts to replace diesel ones, and now clean energy-powered forklifts make up 98% of the total.


YANTIAN has been awarded the "Best Green Container Terminal" Award three times in four years.

02 A Greener Future

A world-class terminal shall be equipped with world-class intelligent and green technologies, and technological innovation is indispensable for the improvement of efficiency. YANTIAN has pioneered a number of intelligent systems for port operation, such as the industry's first AI-based planning system for berthing vessels, which uses AI to quickly analyse and optimise quay crane operation plans when multiple vessels are berthing at the same time, predict and eliminate yard operation conflicts, optimise resource allocation and utilisation, and improve the operational efficiency of mega-vessels.

YANYIAN is leading the development of smart ports in China. In 2022, the "5G+Smart Port" has made new achievements. The 5G network is verified to be stable during the 24/7 remote control test of the RTGCs. All of its indicators meet the communication requirements of the remote-controlled RTGCs, especially in low latency and high reliability, leading the industry in 5G application. This is the first successful application of remote-controlled RTGCs with 5G equipment in South China, making the port more automated, digital, and intelligent.


We use top-notch technologies and applications such as BeiDou, 5G, millimeter wave technologies, ICTs, clean energy-powered machinery, and non-road mobile machinery and equipment to push forward the digital transformation and integrated development of the East Port, Phases I, II, III & Expansion projects, and the West Port to share resources and improve operational quality and efficiency, building a greener, smarter, and safer world-class port.

On December 14, witnessed by government officials and guests, we signed four contracts for YANTIAN East Port Development, helping Shenzhen taking a solid step towards a port-based national logistics hub and a global marine center.

Looking ahead, YANTIAN will expedite its pace on green and sustainable development, transform and upgrade port equipment towards electrification, and improve energy efficiency to safeguard the environment.