February 11, 2023
Cross-border E-commerce Spring Festival group worship and business seminar
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The year of the Rabbit started with a new moon and a new chapter. On February 9, "Lichun", Hutchison Ports YANTIAN and Shenzhen Cross-Border E-commerce Association (SZCBEA) jointly organized a Cross -border E-commerce Spring Festival group worship and business seminar. Wu Guowei , Deputy Director of Yantian District Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Xie Zhuoheng, Logistics Secretary of the SZCBEA, Yantian Comprehensive Insurance District, Yantian Cross-border E-commerce Operation Center, Cross-border E-commerce Logistics, Customs Declaration Company, etc., participated in this business seminar.


The seminar focused on the theme of "2023 Creation of Yantian Cross-border E-commerce Opportunities, 1210 and 9610 New Service Calling". Cross-border e-commerce companies jointly explore industry development, further implement the industrial support upgrade of Yantian cross-border e-commerce, promote the development of Yantian cross-border e-commerce, and help the high-quality development of Yantian cross-border e-commerce industry..


The industrial support upgrade of Yantian Cross-Border E-commerce


With the "Five One" project of Cross-border E-commerce launching in Yantian District; Yantian cross-border e-commerce supporting method continues to release policy dividends; 9610, 1210 stations and other cross-border e-commerce industries have become complete, and they have successfully passed through 9610, the customs clearance procedures for air transport and shipping, entering the era of high-speed development. Reverse logistics projects solve the main issues in the industry, successfully completing the "first order" of cross-border e-commerce return bonded repair services. At the same time, the three national departments have jointly issued a document to the new policy that the return of export products can be "zero tax", further reducing the cost of exports of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, and actively supporting the development of new foreign trade formats.

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YANTIAN has 14 express lines and a good customs clearance environment for the container inspection services of "9710", "9810". In recent years, YANTIAN has made significance progress to develops its multimodal transport capabilities by the establishment of inland ports and port alliances, realizing the wish of "opening the port to doorstep", and further helped local cross-border e-commerce enterprises to expand hinterland sources, reduce costs, ensuring the timeliness for the import and export of our clients.

With the continuous improvement of the industrial support of Yantian cross-border e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce enterprises express full of expectations and confidence for the development of Yantian cross-border e-commerce industry in 2023, actively participating in the discussion from different perspectives regarding how to seize the development opportunities of Yantian cross-border e-commerce and create growth of Yantian cross-border e-commerce business.


YANTIAN expects to maintain highly collaborative with the government, customs, associations and outstanding industry elites, consolidate its position as world-class shipping hub, fully develop services in emerging markets, promote the development of reverse logistics projects and the upgrading of cross-border e-commerce digital industries, fulfill the demand of the industry,

Providing a strong supply chain guarantee for cross-border e-commerce brands going abroad.
Assisting Yantian District to build the logistics headquarters of cross-border e-commerce.
Making greater contribution to the high-quality development of export / import community in China.