December 16, 2023
Create Paramount Experience with the Optimized 156yt App: Check Out the Latest Upgrades!
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Create Paramount Experience with the Optimized 156yt App: Check Out the Latest Upgrades!

01 Tailored for Customers
• A Full Range of Business Scenarios Available
「Classic ModeFor ExporterFor ImporterI am a Driver」
Our homepage is upgraded to provide a selection of scenarios, catering to diverse business needs of our customers.
 Streamlining business processes for seamless access to user-friendly functions
Organising functions according to distinct business stages, facilitating users in locating the services they require.

Export PlanEmpty Container Pick-upLaden Container Grounding
Export Plan
Vessel Schedule InquiryService InquiryBooking InquirySea-rail Service」
Empty Container Pick-up
Reservation InquiryPick-up InquiryTractor Operation Inquiry   
Laden Container Grounding
Arrival ReportReservation InquiryTerminal Receipt Inquiry
Inspection Status InquiryTractor Operation InquiryPayment

「Import Plan」「Container Pick-up Preparation」「Pick-up」
Import Planning
Vessel Schedule InquiryService InquirySea-rail Service
Container Pick-up Preparation
PaymentLaden Container Pick-up EIR InquiryInspection Status Inquiry 
Container Pick-up
Terminal Receipt InquiryTractor Operation Inquiry」Sea-rail ServiceReservation Inquiry

Tractor Driver    
「Before Gate-in」「After Gate-in」
Before Gate-in
Container Pick-up InquiryLaden Container Pick-up EIR InquiryLicence Plate Management
Reservation InquiryGate-in Declaration
After Gate-in
Tractor Operation InquiryPaymentTerminal Receipt Inquiry

02 Easy Logistics Tracking and Inquiry
• Convenient Logistics Tracking
The logistics tracking function is now prominently positioned on the homepage so that customers can easily check the logistics status of their containers.
Check Directly from the Homepage

 To download the 156yt App, please scan the QR code on the left.