December 22, 2023
Warm Winter Initiative: Spreading "Ginger" Love
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Over the past week, Shenzhen has plunged into a "deep freeze" mode, with people quickly transitioning from wearing short sleeves to becoming bundled-up. You may not have adapted to this abrupt and chilling temperature drop yet, but YANTIAN has proactively devised a comforting remedy in the form of piping ginger tea to care for every employee of the company.


Nearly a thousand cups of ginger tea were delivered to employees in the port area by Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of Hutchison Ports YANTIAN, Huang Lizhong, Deputy Managing Director of YANTIAN, and Wang Dongchuan, Chairperson of the YANTIAN Trade Union. Leading the management teams of various frontline departments in the company, they infused warmth into the winter along with heartfelt greetings.





Apart from the convenient packaged cups, YANTIAN has set more than 30 ginger tea self-service points throughout the port area with barrelled ginger tea, offering everyone the flexibility to savor tea at any time.


YANTIAN's "Warm Winter Initiative" is ongoing, delivering love and care to each dedicated staff who stands firm in their role despite the cold wave. This winter at YANTIAN promises an encounter with a heart brimming with warmth.