January 4, 2024
YANTIAN Welcomes a New Direct Feeder Service
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On 28 December 2023, to the reverberating sound of the vessel's whistle, the "MING HANG 006" embarked on its journey from Xinhui Port. Loaded with containers for both domestic and foreign trade, it is bound for YANTIAN before continuing its voyage to North America.


This marks the successful inauguration of the direct feeder service from Xinhui to YANTIAN, introducing a new environmentally friendly, convenient, and efficient waterway transportation option for Xinhui's factories, importers and exporters.

Overcoming challenges and paving the way for a new gateway
In the past, there was no direct water transportation channel from Xinhui to YANTIAN. Shipping to YANTIAN required transshipment in Hong Kong, which was time-consuming and costly. To address this issue and reduce transportation costs for factories and enterprises in Xinhui, YANTIAN works closely with Xinhui Port and introduces the YANTIAN-Xinhui direct feeder service after communication with various stakeholders. This innovative approach capitalises on the strength of YANTIAN and Yantian Port Logistics Group in the allocation of empty containers, extending port services to the cargo catchment areas. Embracing a model of "interconnected water networks, shared containers, and complementary cargo sources", the initiative actively explores a cooperative mechanism for direct feeder service, winning unanimous recognition from customers.


Promoting sustainability, cost efficiency, and operational excellence
Xinhui, a town with a venerable history spanning a millennium, is recognised as the "land of wealth" in the western Pearl River Delta. The manufacturing industry acts as the cornerstone of Xinhui's economy, with recent years witnessing a concerted focus on establishing a sophisticated industrial system.In contrast to the previous method involving tractors and transshipment in Hong Kong to reach YANTIAN, the YANTIAN-Xinhui direct feeder service stands out for its environmental friendliness, low-carbon footprint, and heightened convenience and efficiency. This innovative approach, bypassing the intricate process of transshipment, significantly reduces logistics costs, improves the import and export efficiency of Xinhui's factories, importers and exporters, and expanding the international trade service network in Xinhui Port, empowering high-quality development in Xinhui and its surrounding areas, paving the way for Xinhui’s cargo to go global.

Working together for a promising future
YANTIAN and Xinhui Port have forged an enduring strategic partnership. Moving forward, we are committed to advancing the WGO port alliance, further streamlining export logistics channels for our customers. 


In 2023, YANTIAN witnessed a remarkable 37% growth in WGO volume compared to 2022, and the throughput generated by port alliance was up by 31% year-on-year.⬆️

Looking to the future, YANTIAN will actively implement national development strategies, persistently expanding the port alliance model within the Greater Bay Area. This involves establishing additional connection points and extending services to create an interconnected network, linking with more river ports, fostering the development of a higher-level shipping hub, and ensuring the stability and efficiency of industrial and supply chains, thus achieving the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and promoting high-quality development of international trade in China.

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