January 4, 2024
YANTIAN Welcomes a New Inland Port Partner in Eastern Guangdong!
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On December 28, the train "Rongwan" departed from the Meizhou International Land Port, marking a triumphant beginning for the YANTIAN-Meizhou rail-sea service and making Meizhou a new inland port partner of YANTIAN.

The launch ceremony was attended by over 160 notable guests, including Chen Jinluan, Deputy Secretary of the Meizhou Municipal CPC Committee and Secretary of the Meijiang District CPC Committee, Lin Fangbo, Deputy Director-General of Shantou Customs, Huang Xin, Second-level Inspector of the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, Jiang Kun, Deputy Mayor of Meizhou Municipal Government, Zhang Wenjie, Member of the CPC Committee of Meizhou Municipal Government and Commander of the Guangzhou-Meizhou Peer Assistance Task Force, leaders from Meixian District, Raymond Chan, Operation Director of Hutchison Ports YANTIAN, and Peng Zhihong, Logistics Director of YANTIAN.

1 梅州市政府副市长蒋鲲.jpgJiang Kun, Deputy Mayor of Meizhou Municipal Government 

3中国铁路广州局集团有限公司货运部副主任杨文曦.jpgYang Wenxi, Deputy Director of the Cargo Department, China Railway Guangzhou Group

"YANTIAN is the world's largest container terminal run by a single operator. The launch of this rail service marks a significant milestone, as it enables goods from Meizhou to seamlessly enter our port area via the railway, facilitating smooth intermodal transportation," explained Frange Yu, General Manager of Shenzhen Pingyan Multimodal Company Limited. "By adopting this model, we can extend YANTIAN's port services to Meizhou, providing customers the opportunity to access and enjoy all port services at their doorstep. "

4 盐田国际集装箱码头有限公司多式联运服务部总经理、深圳平盐海铁联运有限公司总经理余秋文.jpg

During the ceremony, strategic cooperation agreements for the Meizhou International Land Port were signed. YANTIAN signed an inland port agreement with the Meizhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone Administration Committee; strategic cooperation framework agreements with the Guangdong Logistics Profession Association, Meizhou-Zhuhai Economic Promotion Association, Guangzhou COSCO Shipping, and Sinotrans South China Limited. These agreements aim to intensify collaboration in the operation of Meizhou International Land Port, playing a crucial role in advancing Meizhou's transformation into a regional rail-sea logistics hub.


Situated at the crossroads of Fujian, Guangdong, and Jiangxi provinces, Meizhou stands as a pivotal regional centre. Renowned as a crucial hub for the printed circuit board manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province, Meizhou has steadfastly pursued the development of a robust industrial landscape. In recent years, there has been a concerted effort to foster dynamic growth in the real economy, with a special emphasis on advancing sectors like advanced manufacturing. Notably, Meizhou International Land Port represents the 13th inland port of YANTIAN and holds the distinction of being the first one in the eastern Guangdong region.

Data shows that the carbon emission ratio of railways to roads is estimated at around 1:11. With every 1-liter decrease in diesel consumption, there is a consequential reduction of 2.63 kilograms in carbon dioxide emissions. The operation of each rail-sea service is tantamount to mitigating the carbon emissions equivalent to 100 heavy trucks in transportation. This bears substantial significance in reducing environmental pollution, preventing safety accidents, reducing energy consumption costs, easing road traffic congestion, restructuring transportation systems, and achieving the "dual carbon" goals.


Presently, YANTIAN has 8 feeder port alliances, 16 feeder services, 13 inland ports, and 31 rail-sea services, extending our services across the Greater Bay Area, Southwest, and Central China. 

YANTIAN remains steadfast in our commitment to providing customers with stable, efficient, and eco-friendly railway transportation services. Looking ahead, YANTIAN will persist in collaborating with stakeholders to improve the network of inland ports, fully play Shenzhen’s role as a national logistics hub, and better support rail-sea services and high-quality development of the international trade, thus achieving carbon peak, carbon neutrality, and ensuring the stability and smooth operation of industrial and supply chains.

*Some content is sourced from "掌上梅州" (Zhang Shang Mei Zhou).

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