January 15, 2024
The First Batches of Malaysian Durians and Chilean Cherries of 2024 Arrive at YANTIAN by Direct Sailings
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On the night of January 8, Malaysian durians and Chilean cherries arrived at YANTIAN on “OOCL SPAIN” and “EVER LIBRA” respectively. These are the first batches of Malaysian frozen durians and Chilean cherries shipped to YANTIAN in 2024.

Malaysian frozen durians
The surge in frozen durian imports from Southeast Asia has become a notable trend. According to the 2023 Global Durian Trade Overview released by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, global durian exports have multiplied by over 10 times in the past decade. China plays a dominant role, accounting for 79% of Malaysia's frozen durian exports. Currently, YANTIAN has approximately 10 Southeast Asia services, ensuring a continuous and efficient flow of trade between these two countries.


The import of frozen durians stands out for its on-tree ripening, convenient storage, suitability for direct consumption, and versatility in food processing. An escalating number of importers and exporters are delving into this sector, with many Southeast Asian durian exporters paying visits to YANTIAN. On November 28, 2023, the Greater Bay Area Durian Industry Base was officially established in the cold storage of Yantian Port Smart Cold Chain Industrial Park. Yantian District is the first region to introduce the concept of a "durian industry base," which can offer comprehensive support and services across the entire industrial chain.

In this strategic partnership, YANTIAN teams up with COSCO Shipping Lines   South-China to safeguard the reliability of citizens' "fruit plate" and "vegetable basket." The two companies are wholeheartedly committed to providing customers with controllable and transparent end-to-end supply chain services, facilitating Chinese enterprises in broadening their global procurement initiatives.

Committed to delivering citizens superior-quality durians at more competitive prices, YANTIAN collaborates with COSCO Shipping Lines South-China to optimise the unloading process of imported refrigerated containers. Prior to the vessel's arrival, meticulous arrangements are made for pre-declaration and standardised clearance procedures, including the advance input of blockchain information and prompt account opening for customers. Embracing a fully paperless approach for container pick-up, release, and high-end door-to-door delivery services, significant savings in both logistics and time costs are realised.


The containers loaded with frozen durian arriving at the port are owned by Shenzhen Da Dong Jia Industry Co., Ltd. As the pioneering enterprise in the Greater Bay Area Durian Industry Base, they spoke highly of YANTIAN for its operational excellence and the robust cold chain support. The "Maiden Voyage and the First Container Opening Ceremony for Direct Shipping of Malaysia Durian to Yantian Port" event was also successfully conducted at the Greater Bay Area Durian Industry Base.

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Chilean cherries
The trade relationship between China and Chile has consistently demonstrated strong and sustained growth. Currently, China has maintained its role as Chile's largest trading partner for over a decade, serving as the primary destination for Chilean exports, accounting for 37.3% of the total. At the same time, China holds the position of the primary source country for Chile's imported cargoes. Premium Chilean products such as cherries, wine, salmon, blueberries, and more are increasingly popular among Chinese consumers. In October, 2023, the 8th “Chile Week China” kicked off in Shenzhen, with the first event successfully held at YANTIAN.

4.jpg(Left) Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of Hutchison Ports YANTIAN
(Right) Esteban Valenzuela Van Treek, Minister of Agriculture of Chile

Functioning as a pivotal logistics hub connecting China with the global stage, YANTIAN has dependable direct shipping services linking to major ports in Chile. At present, the Americas, Europe, and Australia services operated by YANTIAN emerge as frontrunners in South China, adeptly addressing the diverse import and export needs of customers. The recent call of the “EVER LIBRA” marks the inaugural direct shipment of Chilean cherries to YANTIAN in the new year, with several more vessels fully-loaded with cherries scheduled to berth at YANTIAN in the coming days.

Stable shipping services and upgraded cold chain facilities
As a central hub in the global supply chain, YANTIAN has partnered with shipping lines to offer an extensive service network with about 100 weekly services. Our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering extensive, fast, and premium services. Moreover, we provide environmentally sustainable and efficient multimodal transportation solutions, contributing to the high-quality development of international trade.

Last year, YANTIAN achieved a notable milestone by transporting cold chain fruit juices via the rail services. Railway cold chain transport, distinct from conventional land methods, presents compelling advantages such as broad coverage, ample capacity, cost-effectiveness, safety, stability, and environmental sustainability, offering a new option for fresh cargo import.

YANTIAN is strategically positioned to fully leverage its extensive shipping network and robust service capabilities, pioneering the transportation of special cargo, including cold chain and fresh products. The primary objective is to optimise "port-to-door" and "door-to-door" services within the supply chain. Currently, we boast nearly 5,000 reefer plugs within the port area, catering to the storage needs of both imported and exported reefer containers. There are 2 temperature-controlled inspection facilities, 1 Customs-designated supervisory site to ensure fast inspection and release for reefer cargoes, and 6 off-dock reefer warehouses with a total capacity of about 200,000 tons to provide one-stop and end-to-end fresh and frozen food services to the Greater Bay Area and even the whole country.

Steadfast support from the Customs and a variety of incentives from the government
With the robust backing of Dapeng Customs, imported fruits at YANTIAN undergo prioritised inspection and swift clearance. YANTIAN actively collaborates with the Customs to ensure the smooth flow of cold chain imports. Previously, through the initiative "Smooth Port Service Initiative" jointly held by YANTIAN and Dapeng Customs, one-stop customs clearance is realised for time-critical cargoes such as fresh fruits, plant seeds, and dangerous goods. To the fastest extent possible, inspection, sampling, and container pick-up operations can be completed on the same day once cargoes are unloaded. Additionally, YANTIAN offers value-added services such as container door-to-door delivery, enabling customers to transport goods directly to the fruit market for sale.


In the years ahead, YANTIAN is poised to be a bridge connecting the industry and government, delivering unparalleled services while closely aligning with various initiatives from Dapeng Customs to enhance quality and efficiency. Through targeted allocation of efforts and resources, we will broaden our array of import services, propel the evolution and refinement of inspection facilities, expand the capacity of cold storage, collaborate with the Customs to streamline clearance processes, and maintain our integral role in port operations. We aspire to transform Yantian Port into an inclusive cold chain logistics service hub in South China, distinguished by robust clearance efficiency, exemplary safety performance, and a diverse spectrum of functionalities. Such a transformation will consistently address the diverse demands of the Chinese market for fresh products, actively contributing to the flourishing development of China's import trade.