January 15, 2024
Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association Pays a Visit to YANTIAN
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To promote communication and collaboration among enterprises, Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association (LSCMA) has launched the ''Business Opportunities'' series of visiting activities. This initiative is designed to establish a platform for enterprises to learn from each other and create cooperative partnerships, and the first event in 2024 took place at YANTIAN.

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At the beginning of the event, Sheree Sun, Deputy General Manager of Commercial Department of YANTIAN, extended a heartfelt welcome to all visitors. She delivered a presentation highlighting YANTIAN's position as a part of Hutchison Ports' global network of port and logistics operations, which covers 53 ports in 24 countries and regions along with their support facilities. By adeptly leveraging this extensive network, YANTIAN strategically mobilises global resources to propel the international expansion of Chinese brands, driving YANTIAN to be a distinguished shipping hub. 

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Subsequently, all visitors explored the distinguished history of YANTIAN's extraordinary growth over the past three decades, driven by the winds of reform and opening-up. Emerging from a barren site in 1993, YANTIAN has evolved into a world-class port proudly achieving an annual throughput exceeding 14 million TEU today. The visit provided an intimate look at the remarkable advancements made by Yantian Port during this transformative period. From the elevated vantage point of the observation deck, visitors savored a sweeping view of YANTIAN, gaining a more tangible insight into the operations at this busy shipping hub. The meticulously arranged and vibrant containers, the well-organised traffic routes, and the mega-vessels docked alongside the berths portrayed the entire port as a sophisticated apparatus. This spectacle left everyone expressing gratitude to YANTIAN for consistently providing robust and unwavering support for Chinese enterprises to go global.


In 2023, Shenzhen has once again topped the list of "Top 100 Chinese Cities in International Trade". According to data released during a routine press conference by the Ministry of Commerce, China's cross-border e-commerce has sustained its brisk expansion. In 2023, the import and export of cross-border e-commerce in China experienced a notable 15.6% year-on-year growth, with a pronounced focus on key markets such as Europe, the United States, ASEAN, Japan, and South Korea. According to Shenzhen's reports, the city's cross-border e-commerce import and export volume surpassed CNY300 billion in 2023, marking a remarkable year-on-year growth of over 70%. Shenzhen continues to bolster its preeminent position on a national scale, serving as a foundational pillar for the consistent growth of international trade.

During the tour, visitors gained valuable insights into YANTIAN's strategic utilisation of our extensive shipping services, effectively aligning them with overseas markets for cross-border e-commerce in recent years. Taking advantage of our unique position as the last port-of-call in South China for many services, we have introduced a maritime express service tailored specifically for cross-border e-commerce in South China. This service ensures the efficient and secure shipping and customs clearance, establishing a reliable support system for the global expansion of Chinese cross-border e-commerce. Currently, YANTIAN has actively collaborated with government agencies, Customs authorities, enterprises, and industry associations to enhance the infrastructure for cross-border e-commerce. The successful implementation of services such as 9610, 1210, 9710, and 9810, coupled with the improved return and re-export processes for cross-border e-commerce, exemplifies the comprehensive efforts undertaken, fostering a more conducive business environment for the industry, contributing to YANTIAN's reputation as the preferred port for cross-border e-commerce in South China.


Based on data revealed at the 2023 Transportation Structure Adjustment and Multimodal Transport Development Promotion Meeting conducted by the Ministry of Transport in November, the containers transported via multimodal services in China experienced a robust year-on-year growth of 14.7% in the first 9 months of 2023. In recent years, China has heightened its focus on advancing multimodal transport, persistently refining and optimising transportation structures to serve the needs of both industrial and supply chains.

During the presentation, Luo Junxiao, Commercial Director of the Multimodal Transport Service Department of YANTIAN, shared his insights under the theme "Exclusive Port Services: Always One Step Ahead." He offered a comprehensive overview of Yantian Port's collaborative resources, seamless integration of port and railway operations, dedicated railway resources, streamlined operational processes, the service advantages of low-carbon and green transportation, and distinctive offerings tailored for customers.


Concluding the visit, visitors toured the railway depot, gaining firsthand insights into the environmentally friendly rail-sea service. YANTIAN remains dedicated to delivering stable, efficient, and low-carbon railway transportation services to our customers. Presently, we have established 8 feeder port alliances, 16 feeder services, 13 inland ports, and 31 rail-sea services, extending our services across the Greater Bay Area, Southwest, and Central China.

During the ensuing discussion, Zhang Guangfeng, Deputy Secretary-General of LSCMA, extended a warm welcome to the representatives of member companies and gratitude for the hospitality and strong support of YANTIAN. He expected everyone to explore and seize business opportunities in the vast potential of YANTIAN and also briefly outlined LSCMA 's latest business initiatives and offered a sneak peek into the upcoming exhibitions and events in 2024. Zhang encouraged active participation and welcomed valuable suggestions from all visitors.

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In the new year, YANTIAN remains dedicated to extending a warm welcome to all visitors, eagerly looking forward to the close connections with everyone. We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering comprehensive port services and providing full support to Shenzhen in expediting the establishment of a logistics centre with global influence. The overarching goal is to enhance support for the high-quality development of the international trade in China and actively contribute to the achievement of carbon peak and carbon neutrality objectives.