June 28, 2024
The Only One in the World: YANTIAN Wins "Best Green Container Terminal" Award for the Fourth Time!
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On 25 June 2024, the Asian Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain Awards (AFLAS), known as the Oscars of the logistics industry, hosted its awards ceremony in Shanghai. YANTIAN once again clinched the prestigious "Best Green Container Terminal" award, marking its fourth win and making it the sole terminal globally to achieve this feat. 


In 2023, YANTIAN successfully slashed its total carbon emissions by nearly 20,000 tons compared to 2022, an achievement equivalent to planting approximately 1.09 million trees. Over the past decade (2014-2023), carbon emissions per container at YANTIAN have reduced by 33%, solidifying our reputation as a leader in sustainable port operations.

Terminal Equipment Electrification

Electric RTGCs
YANTIAN is pioneering the large-scale application of electric RTGCs in ports in China. We boast one of the largest fleets of electric RTGCs globally, currently totalling 216. This transition has slashed exhaust emissions by 95% per lift for each crane.

Electric tractors
YANTIAN is the first port in China to extensively use LNG-powered tractors, which at one point constituted up to 60% of our internal fleet. Now, the port is exploring battery-swappable electric tractors as alternatives to traditional diesel and LNG-powered ones, aiming for near-zero carbon emissions. Additionally, around 260 charging stations for electric tractors and forklifts have been installed throughout the port area.

Electric stackers
Electric stackers offer significant benefits including low energy consumption, zero emissions, enhanced stability, higher safety standards, and reduced overall costs. Compared to their predecessors powered by oil, electric stackers can cut carbon emissions by 51%.


Multimodal Transportation

As the exclusive railway with direct access to YANTIAN, YANTIAN rail-sea service has experienced consistent double-digit growth over the past five years, from 2019 to 2023, reaching an unprecedented peak in 2023.

Seamless integration with the national rail network, efficient and extensive weekly services offered by YANTIAN, and strategic partnerships are driving Chinese manufacturing onto the global stage.

Research shows that railways can reduce carbon emissions per unit turnover by 90% compared to road transport. The capacity of a fully loaded train under YANTIAN’s rail-sea service is equivalent to that of 100 highway trucks, emphasising the critical role of efficient scale transportation in curbing environmental pollution, cutting energy consumption costs, alleviating road congestion, restructuring transportation systems, and advancing the goals of the "dual carbon" strategy.

As of now, YANTIAN has 14 inland ports, 31 rail-sea services, 13 port alliances, and 17 feeder services, serving the Greater Bay Area, Southwest, and Central China regions.

Going Lean and Green

Shore power supply
YANTIAN has established itself as a pioneer in providing clean and sustainable energy to vessels. YANTIAN leads among Chinese ports with the largest scale of shore power infrastructure, covering the highest number of berths at any container terminal nationwide. In 2023, we reached a new milestone in shore power supply, setting a record by provision of electricity to over 100 vessels in April alone. From January to April this year, the number of vessels connected with shore power at YANTIAN is twofold compared with the same period last year. 

LNG bunkering services
As the fourth port globally and the first in South China equipped with LNG bunkering capabilities, YANTIAN offers top-tier fuel replenishment services. This June, we made history by simultaneously completing LNG bunkering for two international vessels at a single terminal. From January to May 2024, our LNG bunkering volume surpassed the total for the entire year of 2023.

Maiden call of the world's largest methanol-powered container vessel
In February this year, the ANE MAERSK, the world's largest methanol-powered container vessel, made its maiden call at YANTIAN. This event not only introduces a new green shipping solution for the industry, but also underscores YANTIAN's dedication to developing an intelligent and environmentally friendly port.

Moving forward, YANTIAN will persist in elevating the port digitisation, intelligence, and environmental sustainability, embracing new quality productive forces to establish a more advanced international shipping hub. We remain steadfast in our commitment to contributing to the establishment of a green port and the preservation of clear waters and blue skies.