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April 28, 2009
Shenzhen Volunteers' Day
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Shenzhen Volunteers' Day

The first day of March 2009 was a drizzly Sunday, but apparently the rain did not dampen the spirits of the volunteers who were looking forward to celebrate Shenzhen Volunteers’ Day on 5 March. On the square of the Administrative and Cultural Centre of Yantian District gathered a number of volunteers, among whom were nurses, doctors, policemen, hairdressers and members of the corporate community, including ourselves who are all members of YICT’s Volunteer Group. On this occasion, the Party Committee of Yantian District awarded certificates to the volunteers who were honoured as "Shenzhen Five Star Volunteers of 2008".

As the day progressed, more and more members of the public had become curious about the goings-on at the square. At our booth, we had a presentation showing people our wonderful volunteer activities in 2008. We also staged a sign-language performance and had fun playing games with the more enthusiastic members of the public.

Shenzhen's volunteers have become a growing and influential group promoting the ideals of "To join, to give, to help and to progress". And I believe that, with more and more of my colleagues signing up to join our YICT’s Volunteer Group, everybody involved would gain a lot from it, no matter if it's the person offering the much needed help or the one seeking it.