March 30, 2022
"Dongguan-Yantian-Hong Kong" Intermodal Express Service Ensures Direct and Speedy Transportation of Supplies to Hong Kong
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To ensure stable goods supply from Guangdong to Hong Kong to support the city’s fight against COVID-19, on March 21, YANTIAN launched the "Dongguan-Yantian-Hong Kong" intermodal express service. Four containers loaded with furniture and other supplies arrived at the Pingyan Railway Station. These containers were then directly loaded onto the dedicated feeder for Hong Kong. This transportation mode is another important achievement of the cooperation between YANTIAN and China Railway Guangzhou, providing a new measure for cargo shipment to Hong Kong efficiently.


Seamless Rail-Sea Connection

Under the guidance and support of governments and authorities at all levels, YANTIAN worked with China Railway Guangzhou and China Railway to launch the "Dongguan-Yantian-Hong Kong" intermodal service with "one container to the end".

"One container to the end" means all containers shipped to the Pingyan Railway Station will be directly loaded onto the feeder for delivery to Hong Kong. YANTIAN cooperated with LEGO Shipping, HPH Trust’s subsidiary, to achieve seamless operation.

On the early morning of March 21, the first train of "Dongguan-Yantian-Hong Kong" intermodal service arrived at Pingyan Railway Station

Intermodal container loaded onto a tractor for shipment to the dedicated berth for supplies to Hong Kong

The "one container to the end" mode is another breakthrough of YANTIAN to improve its services, which not only greatly improves the operational efficiency and shortens the shipping time, but also alleviates the problem of insufficient marine containers and shipper own containers (SOCs) in the market.

微信图片_20220329140715.jpgThe quay crane of YANTIAN grabbed the container on the tractor and steadily loaded it onto the feeder, which will then ship the cargoes to Hong Kong

 Integrate Railway Resources and Maritime Transport Resources

YANTIAN started its intermodal service in 1996, and is one of the first ports in China to start this service. After the establishment of the inland port in Pinghu South in July last year (for details, please see YANTIAN Celebrates the Establishment of Its Inland Port in Pinghu South and the Launch of “Hutchison Ports Yantian” Container Rail Service), YANTIAN has successively opened another five inland ports, including Changping, Ganzhou, Heyuan, Heshan and Liling, and launched 23 intermodal services, with the intermodal throughput generated by international trade in the forefront of domestic ports.

Under the close cooperation with China Railway Guangzhou, the intermodal throughput of Yantian Port achieved a new record against the downtrend in 2021, reaching 286,000 TEU, an increase of 34% year-on-year, and fulfilling the target of 15% annual growth as required by the Action Plan for Carbon Dioxide Peaking Before 2030 stipulated by the State Council.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Transport and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly announced that 20 projects, including the "Yantian Port’s Asia-Pacific-Pan-Pearl River Delta-Europe International Multimodal Service Project", have been recognised as "National Multimodal Service Demonstration Project". Yantian Port is the only port in Shenzhen to receive this distinction (for details, please see Yantian Port Recognised as "National Multimodal Service Demonstration Project").

DJI_0547.jpgYANTIAN has long been dedicated to the development of its intermodal service. Through the service, goods from across China can be shipped to Hong Kong efficiently.

Zero delay in Customs Clearance for Daily Supplies to Hong Kong

The transport of fresh food and daily necessities needs to be time-efficient. With the support from the Customs and under the clearance mode of "advance declaration and shipside loading ", YANTIAN is able to realise speedy cargo release. With facilitation measures like priority inspection, the cargo pending for inspection can be released on the same day to ensure "zero delay" in clearance procedures.

Develop More Intermodal Services for Cargoes to Hong Kong from Inland China

Following the "Dongguan-Yantian-Hong Kong" intermodal express service, YANTIAN will leverage the national railway network to launch more services featuring "one container to the end" to meet the needs of customers. This not only ensures stable goods supply to Hong Kong, but also offers enterprises in Mainland China with another convenient channel to transport cargoes to Hong Kong.

Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of Hutchison Ports YANTIAN, said, "YANTIAN, as a pacesetter of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong coorperation, will do its utmost to ensure the smooth and stable supply of daily necessities to Hong Kong. Following the daily express feeder service, YANTIAN will further leverage the railway resources and maritime transport resources to realise seamless, smooth and stable cargo transportation to Hong Kong, developing green, safe and stable logistics solutions for transportation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen."

Zhang Yihong, Director of the Freight Department of China Railway Guangzhou, said, "The intermodal service brings more choices for transporting supplies to Hong Kong, which is of great significance in relieving the pressure of land transport, safeguarding medical and livelihood supplies in Hong Kong and supporting Hong Kong in the pandemic. I believe that this move will optimise the transportation model between Shenzhen and Hong Kong to ensure stable goods supply from the Mainland to Hong Kong."

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