March 3, 2022
8,900 Tons of Daily Necessities Shipped to Hong Kong via the "YANTIAN-Hong Kong" COSCON Daily Express Service
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Thanks to the support from Shenzhen Municipal Government, Yantian District Government, Shenzhen Transport Bureau, the Customs, the Frontier Inspection and Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration, the "YANTIAN-Hong Kong" COSCON SHIPPING Lines ("COSCON") Daily Express Service was officially launched on March 1 to further support the transportation of daily supplies to Hong Kong amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The feeder "Fang Zhou 23", loaded with 748 tons of daily necessities and anti-epidemic supplies, arrived at Hongkong International Terminals on the following day.

YANTIAN partners with COSCON to launched the "YANTIAN-Hong Kong" COSCON Daily Express Service

 The ceremony to mark the launch of the service was held at the West Port of YANTIAN on March 1. Dong Yanze, Dong Yanze, Director of Ports & Shipping Administration Department of Transport Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Li Qiangqiang, Deputy Head of Yantian District Government, Lu Weicai, Deputy Director of Yantian Maritime Safety Administration, Qiu Yuming, Deputy Director of Yantian Frontier Inspection, Mao Wenjun, Deputy General Manager and Marketing Director of COSCON South China, Li Chuping, General Manager of Universal Shipping, and Raymond Chan, Operation Director of YANTIAN attended the ceremony.

 On the morning of March 1, rapid antigen test kits, daily necessities, fresh food and other supplies were shipped to YANTIAN in succession. They were then quickly transported to the dedicated berth after passing through the special "green lane" for supplies to Hong Kong. At 4:00 p.m., these containerised cargoes were loaded onto the feeder "Fang Zhou 23" of Universal Shipping, which then departed for Hong Kong on schedule. On the early morning of March 2, these containers were successfully unloaded at the Hongkong International Terminals.

Since the first shipment of vegetables to Hong Kong on February 18, as of March 1, "YANTIAN-Hong Kong" COSCON Daily Express Service has delivered 8,900 tons of cargoes to Hong Kong. The 1.65 million nucleic acid rapid antigen test kits delivered on March 1 is the largest batch of anti-epidemic supplies sent to Hong Kong via YANTIAN, aiming to support Hong Kong’s fight against the virus.

 On 18 February, YANTIAN handled the first batch of vegetables to Hong Kong, which arrived at Hong Kong in the next day.

Since March 1, Universal Shipping has deployed more capacity in this express route, making it a daily service. Currently, there are seven feeder operators engaged in the "YANTIAN-Hong Kong" express feeder service, four of which provide daily services. With the 24-hour green lane, dedicated berths, quay cranes, and storage areas and other efficient services provided by YANTIAN, as well as the clearance mode of "advance declaration and shipside loading" that ensures zero delay, the supplies for people of Hong Kong can be shipped to Hong Kong in a safe and efficient manner.

Dong Yanze, Director of Ports & Shipping Administration Department of Transport Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, said, "Shenzhen-Hong Kong waterway is an important supplement to cross-border land transport, and will also become the main force of cross-border transport, thanks to its advantages of safety, eco-friendliness and large transport capacity. I believe that this move will optimise the structure and model of cross-border transport between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, so that more and more cross-border cargo will be shipped to Hong Kong in a more environmentally friendly way via the feeder express, in an effort to ensure the steady supply of daily necessities for our compatriots in Hong Kong."

Li Qiangqiang, Deputy Head of Yantian District Government, said, "Yantian District Government will follow the arrangements of the provincial and municipal governments to fully support the transport of supplies to Hong Kong via Yantian Port and the digital transformation of the port to improve its operational efficiency. We will cooperate with the Customs, the frontier inspection, the maritime safety administration and other port supervisory authorities to innovate and optimise the clearance model, improving the efficiency for transportation of supplies to Hong Kong. We will also encourage enterprises to choose water transport, providing more environmentally friendly, safer and more stable transport solutions for cross-border cargo between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Raymond Chan, Operation Director of YANTIAN, said, "YANTIAN, as a pacesetter of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong coorperation, will do its utmost to ensure the smooth and stable supply of daily necessities to Hong Kong through the cooperation with government departments, port supervisory authorities and COSCON to help Hong Kong win this battle against the virus!"

Li Chuping, General Manager of Universal Shipping, said, "I really appreciate the professional and efficient services provided by YANTIAN. We will continue to enhance cooperation with YANTIAN, leverage our service network within the Greater Bay Area to develop dedicated water transport routes for Hong Kong and ensure the daily supply for Hong Kong people, helping them combat COVID-19."

Subsequently, YANTIAN and COSCON will increase or adjust the capacity and number of services as needed. We will strive to make the "YANTIAN-Hong Kong" COSCON Daily Express Service a premium route to ensure the smooth supply of daily necessities to Hong Kong and contribute to the safety and wellbeing of Hong Kong residents as well as the stability of Hong Kong society.

       Together, We Fight the Virus!

Hong Kong, We Will Always Stand by You!


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