May 6, 2022
YANTIAN Receives CULINE's "TPC" Service, Another Weekly Service to US West Coast
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On May 5, YANTIAN welcomed the maiden voyage of CULINE's "TPC" service with the call of "Ren Jian”.



Direct service to Port of Los Angeles within 16 days

"TPC" is CULINE's first US service in South China, which calls at Yantian Port every Thursday. As the last port of call in China, it takes only 16 days from YANTIAN straight to Los Angeles, which helps to relieve the transportation pressure of international trade, enhances the flexibility of shipping space arrangement, and facilitate cargo shipment of importers and exporters in South China. CULINE deploys six vessels to the service and one stand-by vessel to ensure the timeliness and quality of this service.

TPC calls at the exclusive terminal in Los Angeles every Sunday. Thanks to its exclusive yard at the US West Coast, cargo can be unloaded quickly upon arrival. This service is also equipped with exclusive racks, offering four fast delivery options: terminal, off-dock yard, racks at off-dock yard and direct to the customer.

YANTIAN and CULINES jointly held an event to celebrate the maiden voyage of the new service. The ceremony was attended by Zou Jiajun, representative of CULINE's shipowners, Gary Lam, General Manager of Operation Services and Development of Hutchison Ports YANTIAN, and Guangdong Link Trans, representative of the customers.


Continue to enrich service portfolio

On the basis of ensuring the supply chain stability and the smooth operation of the express feeder service to Hong Kong, YANTIAN works with shipping lines to introduce new services to meet the market demand. Since this year, YANTIAN has received eight new services. Up to now, YANTIAN has more than 100 services, of which Europe and US services account for more than 60% (ranking No.1 in South China), covering all major ports in the US east and west coasts, Europe, Canada and other countries and regions. At the same time, exporters in Huizhou, Dongguan and even the western Pearl River Delta Region can also enjoy the convenience of Yantian Port's well-developed service network and its status as the world-class container hub through intermodal service and port alliances.


Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of Hutchison Ports YANTIAN, said, "Facing the international shipping landscape where the supply chain is still hampered by the pandemic, YANTIAN has work with shipping lines to launch and upgrade a number of services to ensure smooth logistics flows in the Greater Bay Area. The call of TPC will help YANTIAN further expand our service network in the Pan-Pacific region. We will leverage our advantages as container hub of the Greater Bay Area, jointly develop gateway for commerce and trade with our partners to play a greater role in promoting the efficient operation of the global supply chain."

Chen Honghui, Chairperson and CEO of CULINE, said, "We build TPC service as our flagship product. Stable services with fixed vessels, fixed terminals and fixed schedule, premium products and value-added service in destination port, and effective shipping network will provide more stable and efficient shipping services for customers in the Greater Bay Area, establishing a faster maritime logistics channel between Yantian Port/South China and the US West coast."

Contribute to the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain

In the face of the pandemic, YANTIAN will firmly work with port supervisory authorities and other government departments to make timely adjustments and launch more effective measures to ensure the smooth flow of traffic around the port area and achieve the best COVID-19 preventive result with minimal cost, minimising the impact of the epidemic on port operations, and facilitating economic and social development. YANTIAN will continue to expand its service network and improve service quality to make greater contributions to the development of Shenzhen as a port-based national logistics hub and to ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain.