April 25, 2022
YANTIAN Increases Gate-in Quota for Export Laiden Containers 4 Days in a String Before the Holiday
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As part of the effort to facilitate a smooth and efficient flow of container traffic before May Day Holidays, YANTIAN has recently increased the gate-in quota for export laden containers by 1,000 for 4 consecutive days. Together with other optimisation measures previously launched, YANTIAN strives to meet the huge shipping demand of customers and help them ship cargoes in an efficient and safe manner.

Optimization measures for May Day Holidays

Increasing the gate-in quota for export laden containers to 13,000.
From April 27 to 30, the gate-in quota for export laden containers will be increased from 12,000 to 13,000 per day.
On May 1, the quota will resume to 12,000 per day.

Shipping your cargoes in a smooth and stable manner
After successful reservation, containers will still be accepted in case of ETA adjustment.
After customers have successfully booked the gate-in quota and received the QR code, even if their ETA is changed, YANTIAN will still accept the containers as long as the vessel and service remain unchanged.

06:00AM-10:00AM for ETB-4 booking
To ensure the smooth flow of export container traffic with short ETB, from 06:00AM to 10:00AM every day, the reservation system is open to the booking for export laden containers within ETB-4 days, and for export laden containers within ETB-7 days after 10:00AM.

Staggered booking time improves inbound efficiency of container tractors
In order to avoid the traffic jam outside the port caused by a large number of tractors entering the port, Yantian Port adopts a staggered booking system. Booking is divided into 6 time slots: 00:00-04:00, 04:00-08:00, 08:00-12:00, 12:00-16:00, 16:00-20:00, and 20:00-24:00, to ensure the smooth operations of the port. Please cooperate with our booking policies and arrive at the port on time.

We wish you a happy holiday!