May 25, 2022
Ensure a Smooth Supply Chain of International Trade by Launching New Services and Increasing Gate-in Quota for Export Laden Containers
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Recently, exports from Yantian Port are booming. Berths are full with calling vessels. The port is operating in full swing, safely and efficiently.

图片1.pngOn 23 May, Yantian Port in full swing operation.

To facilitate the smooth and efficient delivery of cargoes of our customers, YANTIAN has increased the quata of gate-in export laden containers by 1,000 every day from Wednesday to Friday. Besides, under the close cooperation with shipping lines, YANTIAN will welcome a number of new services, providing more new choices for our customers. YANTIAN has improved its allocation of production resources, reduced non-productive time by all means to maximise production efficiency, and made every effort to do a good job in both epidemic prevention and port production.

Increasing the quota of gate-in export laden containers to 13,000 every day from Wednesday to Friday

To better meet the shipping demand, YANTIAN decided to increase the quota of tractors with laden export containers from 12,000 per day to 13,000 per day from Wednesday to Friday, the peak time for the grounding of laden containers. The quota of gate-in export laden containers in the remaining days of the week will be maintained at 12,000. Other arrangements will be made in case of special circumstances.

More new services to facilitate international trade

Yantian Port's smooth logistics supply chain and fast clearance procedures have attracted many new services from shipping lines, ensuring stable and smooth supply chain and industrial chain, and further facilitating international trade.

On May 8, the first vessel of the new Australia express "DRAGON", jointly operated by Maersk and Ocean Network Express, called at Yantian Port.

On May 9, the first vessel of "CBX", a new service to US east coast operated by CMA CGM, called at Yantian Port. Given the international shipping landscape that the supply chain is still hampered by the pandemic, shipping lines are adjusting their service strategies, and US east coast has become a key focus since this year.

On May 21, YANTIAN welcomed the new intra-Asia service "BENGAL" operated by MSC. This weekend, PNS, the first new service in South China operated independently by SM Line, will also make its inaugural call to Yantian Port. This service provides fast delivery service for customers through its dedicated terminal in the US west coast.


From January to May this year, YANTIAN has seen 12 new services in total, covering America, Asia, Australia and other regions. Up to now, YANTIAN has more than 100 services, covering major gateways to US west and east coasts, Europe, Asia and Canada. Besides, YANTIAN has been promoting the high-quality development of its intermodal services, and has launched 7 inland ports and 23 intermodal services, extending the port function to Chongqing, Sichuan, Hunan, Yunnan, Jiangxi and other inland areas. Now, exporters in Guangdong Province can enjoy the convenience brought by YANTIAN's extensive service network and advantages as a container hub port through intermodal services and port alliance.

YANTIAN will continue to work together with all parties to leverage Shenzhen's role as a port-based national logistics hub to better serve the high-quality development of international trade in the Greater Bay Area, and ensure safe production and stable economic development while having all COVID-19 reponse measures in place.