Port Facilities

Since YICT commenced operations in 1994, the company has witnessed the soaring growth in terminal throughput. Infrastructure around the port has also been upgraded at a rapid pace, increasing from just one road and one tunnel to four roads, four tunnels and three interchanges. The rapid increased road capacity has kept pace with YICT's throughput growth, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic in the area.


National Highway 107, National Highway 205, Guangshen Highway, Meiguan Highway, Longda Highway, Qingping Highway Phase I, Dongshen Road, Huiyan Highway, Shenshan Highway, Yanpai Highway


Jihe Highway, Yanba Highway, Shuiguan Highway, Nanping Highway Phase I

Road Infrastructure around Yantian Port
Infrastructure Opened to Traffic Two-way Lanes Traffic Capacity Per Day (PCU)
Huiyan Highway 1994 4 25,000
Wutongshan Tunnel 1997 4 50,000
Yanba Highway May 2003 6 100,000
Mingzhu Interchange December 2003 4 3,730
Yanpai Highway May 2006 6 100,000
Second Access Road to Yantian July 2008 6 100,000

PCU=passenger car unit