August 6, 2022
Work Together for a Safe Port
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As one of the busiest container terminals in the world bustling with operating cranes and continuous traffic flows, YANTIAN has given top priority to safe production since its inception. Recently, the Safety Production Management Committee of YANTIAN launched various activities to improve the safety management of the port and raise employees' safety awareness.

A special training session to clarify safety responsibilities

We invited senior safety experts to give lectures on laws and regulations such as the Production Safety Law and introduce typical accident cases as a warning. YANTIAN's safety manager also shared his experience based on the minimum safety standards of Hutchison Ports and 8 types of global safety leadership. All managers of the operation departments, persons in charges and safety managers of contractors attended the training.


Through the training, participants gained a clearer picture of the Production Safety Law, and learnt about how to perform their safety duties and improve safety influence.

Excellent works of the "Work Together for a Safe Port" campaign

Safe production is not only about the company and our employees, but also about their families. Safety is the cornerstone of family wellbeing, and the support and care from family members will also affect employees' performance and safe production. Hence, the Safety Production Management Committee of YANTIAN carried out the "Work Together for a Safe Port" campaign, which invited employees' families to share their ideas and create works on safe production. A total of 356 works were received, including videos, paintings, and articles. The Committee finally selected a total of 61 excellent works.

Excellent Videos

👆 Safety is Happiness

Excellent Paintings

港口安全  齐心守护.jpg👆 Work Together for a Safe Port

《盐田港》.jpg👆 Yantian Port

安全是最好的效益 平安是家的幸福.jpg👆 Ensure Safety, Safeguard Happiness

For the first time, we invited employees' family members to participate in the safe production management. With their blessings, we hope all employees will pay more attention to safe production, reassuring all people who care about and love them. 

Excellent Family Letters


Family members send their blessings through videos, articles and paintings

Everyone is a safety guardian

Safe production requires everyone's efforts. The "everyone is a safety guardian" campaign invited all staff members in the port area to check violations and potential safety risks around them to regulate operations and prevent accidents. A total of 515 reports of violations and hidden dangers were received. 50 employees were selected as excellent safety guardians for finding hidden dangers and 38 as excellent safety guardians for violation correction.


This activity aims to encourage all staff members to keep the principles of "do not hurt yourself, do not hurt others, do not be hurt by others, and protect others from being hurt" in mind, and develop the habit of correcting and reporting violations or potential risks in time, building a safe port together.

Safe production is critical for both family wellbeing and the growth of an enterprise. YANTIAN has always adhered to the safety and people-centric philosophy to ensure stable operations and smooth logistics, making its due contribution to the prosperity of the city, and the country. 

Finally, let's appreciate the calligraphy "Ode to Yantian Port" by a family member of YANTIAN's staff member.