August 12, 2022
Tribute to Our Outdoor Heroes Against Heat and Rain
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YANTIAN is one of the top-performing container terminals in the world.

Every day,

 it witnesses a steady flow of mega-vessels coming in and out the port. 

Who have been working relentlessly behind the scenes despite heat and rain?


From assisting in loading and unloading to machinery maintenance,

from epidemic prevention and control to garbage disposal,

it is these people who strive to keep YANTIAN,

a world-class container terminal,

to run smoothly.

They are our outdoor heroes working on the frontline.


Gate Inspectors


They inspect and record containers in and out of the gates one by one 

according to the operational procedures in scorching weather to 

ensure efficient container pickup and grounding.

Quayside Tally Clerks


They check and confirm the container information at the quay side.

They coordinate with quay crane operators and guide dock workers on safe production, 

so that everyone can fulfill their duties smoothly.

      Tally Clerks at Forklift Yard


They direct the container loading and unloading of forklifts, 

record the information of container pickup and grounding, 

and load and unload the locks.

They can handle 3,000-6,000 containers in a month, 

perfectly fulfilling their duties.

COVID-19 Response Staff


They work for three months at a time for boarding operations,

 collecting documents, refueling vessels, 

and executing COVID-19 preventive measures.

 They build up an impregnable fence against the epidemic for the port.

   Disinfection Staff


They wear a full set of protective clothing,

carry nearly 20 kg of disinfection equipment and disinfectant,

climb dozens of meters on the gangway to the vessel

to disinfect the gangway, passageways, the area where the crew work, 

and the place where dock workers need to go on board.

Onboard Container Handlers


They board the vessels, 

leash and unleash containers, and 

assist the loading and unloading operations of quay crane operators.

    Facility & Civil Maintenance Engineers


You can always find them

on the 417-hectare container yards and along the 10-kilometer coastline.

They carefully maintain 39 substations, 72 lighthouses, 77 in and out gate lanes, 

and all other facilities, facilitating the normal operation of the port.

       Equipment Maintenance Engineers


160 equipment maintenance engineers are responsible for 

the maintenance of 85 quay cranes, 260 RTGCs, and 874 mobile machines, 

facilitating the smooth operations of the terminal.

Engine Drivers 


18 train operators, 

with excellent driving skills and psychological quality, 

travel 23 kilometers 

between Yantian Port and Pinghu South Station, 

helping to extend the port functions to China's vast hinterlands.

Railway Dispatchers调车员2.jpg

They couple and uncouple trains on Pingyan Railway,

 direct trains to stop precisely, 

facilitating the smooth transportation of cargoes to and from the inland areas.

Traffic Controllers


They direct and control traffic flow of tractors

in the busiest sections of the port in the scorching sun,

ensuring smooth and efficient running of traffic movements 

in and out of the port.



The 36 firefighters participate in the company's emergency drills 

more than 40 times a year. 

They are responsible for 24/7 emergency rescue,

 traffic accident handling, and safety inspection in the port area, 

safeguarding the safe production of YANTIAN.

   Ambulance Drivers Transferring Staff under Closed-loop Management and Crew Changing Shifts


They are responsible for transferring the 1,300 colleagues under closed-loop management who need medical treatment, 

people involved in accidents in the port area to hospitals, 

and crew members changing shifts.

They change their protective clothing

 in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements

every time they enter and leave the area under closed-loop management,

safeguarding the wellbeing and safety of the community.

Survey Engineers


They are proficient in underwater surveying, 

road mapping, and satellite map marking. 

They help build the port

 with centimeter- or even millimeter-level precise measuring.

Site inspectors


The automated terminal project of the 1.2 million square meter East Port 

requires a group of construction project inspectors 

to carefully inspect the whole construction process.

They inspect the construction site every day, 

turning the dirt and sand into three 200,000-ton container berths.



The terminal produces dozens of tons of used equipment, parts, and used oil 

every month during operations and equipment maintenance.

They collect, sort out, and return the scrap materials to the warehouse

 in the yard to make the best use of them and reduce waste.

Medical Waste Collectors


6 medical waste collectors, 

with 15 kilograms of disinfectant on their backs, 

work day and night on the frontline to collect medical waste

 in the 32 collection points.

They collect more than two tons of medical waste generated at the terminal 

every day, ensuring its cleanliness and safety.

Yard Cleaners


The container yard of YANTIAN, 

which is equivalent to the size of over 500 soccer fields, 

cannot be cleaned with sweepers around its machinery buildings and tracks, 

so it relies on the 16 yard cleaners, 

who work hard in the wind and sun, 

to maintain the cleanliness of the port area.

This summer,

we experienced heat and heavy rain,

and the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to subside.

The 18 outdoor heroes are the role models.

Here, we pay tribute to all our staff members who work hard outdoors,

contributing to the stable and smooth operations of 

supply chain and industry chain.