August 30, 2022
YANTIAN Continues to Upgrade Its Cold Chain Service to Capture the Strong Growth in the Cold Chain Market
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These days, fresh fruits such as durian, kiwi, and mandarin oranges from Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and South America are arriving at Port of Yantian, which are then transported onward to the city and the surrounding areas of the Greater Bay Area. Through the designated inspection facilities for import fruits, YANTIAN expedites every container of fruit to enable the freshest delivery to market, meeting people's demand for a better life.

Cold chain services further improved
with the designated inspection facilities


Under the support and guidance of the General Administration of Customs, Shenzhen Customs, Shenzhen Municipal Government, and Yantian District Government, YANTIAN has built the integrated customs supervision and cold chain facilities for imported fruits according to the requirements of the customs and COVID-19 preventative measures. The designated supervision facilities of Yantian Port have passed the video acceptance by the General Administration of Customs, which marks a further streamlined clearance procedures for imported reefer cargoes at YANTIAN, enabling the import of a wider range of reefer cargoes and improving the business environment of the community.

"Cold chain support + green inspection" enable
freshest fruit delivery to market


With more than 4,000 reefer points in the container yard, YANTIAN is able to meet the demand for tremendous growth of fruit import. There are two dedicated inspection sits for reefer cargoes with constant temperature on-dock and off-dock. The two sites are equipped with 45 inspection bays, allowing safe and fast inspection of imported and exported fruits and other reefer cargoes.


Yantian Port is an important gateway for international trade in China and a shipping hub in the Greater Bay Area. The designated supervision facilities for imported fruits are among the highlights of the port services, which offers services such as “Advance Declaration, Two-step Declaration, Shipside Pickup and Loading, and Green Inspection” to greatly improve the inspection and clearance efficiency. YANTIAN has seen a significant increase in the trade volume of imported reefer cargoes in the past few years. As of July this year, its fruit imports have soared by more than 500%. The designated supervision facilities are expected to provide more options for fruit imports and enhance the competitiveness of ports in Shenzhen.

100+ weekly shipping services and intermodal transportation assure “fruit freedom”


As an international shipping hub in the Greater Bay Area, YANTIAN has over 100 weekly shipping services, making it a hub port for fruit shipment from South America, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. Leveraging “YANTIAN-Hong Kong" express feeder service, plus the “advance declaration and direct pick-up of containers after discharge” mode of clearance, YANTIAN is able to transfer fruits from ports of Hong Kong, which are shipped from more than 100 countries and regions to Yantian Port efficiently, solving the fruit backlog at land ports between Hong Kong and Shenzhen due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Next, YANTIAN will continue to optimise its terminal services and improve clearance efficiency to provide better services for customers, contributing to the burgeoning import trade of China.


What can the designated supervision facilities for fruit imports bring? Simply put, we can have more choices of imported fruits, the freshest delivery to the market enabled by YANTIAN.

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