January 20, 2023
Annual Summary 4: Dynamic Cold Chain Logistics
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With the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption standards, cold chain logistics has long entered the fast lane of development. In the golden age of 2022, YANTIAN seized opportunities and accomplished remarkable achievements, while steadily move towards a high-quality development stage.

In January
The first batch of Chilean cherries of the 2021-2022 cherry season arrived in YANTIAN on "Ever Lawful", the first vessel of the Chile-YANTIAN direct service.

In March-April
YANTIAN once again welcomed five long liners to unload a total of 972 tons of import tunas, and with the mode of "advance declaration and shipside pick-up", the tunas were quickly picked up out of the gate.

In January-April
Encountering the blockage of the cold chain logistics at the Hong Kong-Shenzhen land port and the entry of imported goods ran into difficulties, YANTIAN took the initiative to provide import channel for fruit customers through direct shipping routes and the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Barge Express, which greatly reduced the backlog of imported fruits at Hong Kong ports and ensuring the smooth and safe arrival of goods in the domestic market.

In August
Shenzhen Yantian Port Designated Supervision Site for Imported Fruits successfully passed the video acceptance of the General Administration of Customs, marking the further upgrade of YANTIAN's customs clearance service for import cold chain food.

In September
To better prepare for the challenge of peak season, and create a better operation and customs clearance environment for imported cold chain products, YANTIAN held a Cold Chain Import Customers Communication Session.

In November
Hutchison Ports joined the 5th Anniversary of CIIE. As a member of Hutchison Port Holdings Limited, YANTIAN showcased its development as the preferred port for cold chain imports in South China.

On 11 December
The peak season of fruit import for the season 2022-2023 kicked off in YANTIAN as the first cherry express vessel from Chile arrived. The containers loaded with cherries managed to leave the terminal within 30 minutes after unloading from the vessel.


YANTIAN has been engaged in the cold chain import and export services for many years, and has become the preferred port for cold chain imports in South China, the third largest port for imported frozen meat in China, accounting for over 95% of all frozen meat imports in Shenzhen. Meanwhile, fruit import service is also a noteworthy highlight. In 2022, YANTIAN has imported 6 times more fruit than the year before last year. 

As the preferred port for cold chain imports in South China, YANTIAN is now equipped with 4,000 reefer plugs in the terminal yard dedicated for cold chain products, and there are 2 Customs examination centers to ensure fast cargo inspection and releasing.

And six cold storages (5 in use and 1 under construction) with a total capacity of about 200,000 ton within three kilometers radius from the terminal, providing one-stop services including transportation, examination, declaring, storage, distribution, etc. for the comprehensive end-to-end services of fresh and frozen food to the people in the Greater Bay Area and even the whole country. The main partners include Shenzhen's largest frozen and normal temperature bonded warehouse, multi-functional, multi-temperature cold storage, and many cold chain enterprises with nearly 20 years of professional cold chain related services.

In the future, YANTIAN will combine the Customs measures for improving quality and efficiency, integrate resources, and develop more import services to build Yantian Port Area to be a versatile cold chain logistics service complex with dense and stable shipping services and efficient customs clearance in South China, to contribute to the vigorous development of China's import trade.