December 18, 2021
Faster and More Accurate Weekly Services
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On 16 December 2021, YANTIAN welcomed the upgraded “PCC3” USW express service with the call of “COSCO SHIPPING HIMALAYAS”.

Faster and More Accurate Weekly Services

PCC3 is jointly operated by COSCON and OOCL, providing direct weekly shipping services from YANTIAN to Long Beach.

1.jpg The upgraded USW express service "PCC3" on its maiden voyage to Yantian Port on 16 December

The upgraded "PCC3"
takes only 13 days from YANTIAN to Long Beach.
Upon completing loading at YANTIAN,
the vessel goes straight to the first fully automated terminal in
North America,
Port of Long Beach.
Not only faster and more accurate,
the fleet has been upsized from previous 10,000-TEU to 14,000-TEU vessels.

2.jpg “COSCO SHIPPING HIMALAYAS” departed YANTIAN for Port of Long Beach on 17 December

YANTIAN Welcome Multiple New Europe and U.S. Services This Year

In the context of the international shipping landscape featuring robust growth in export yet disrupted global supply chain, YANTIA works closely with shipping lines to offer and upgrade several Europe and America services, making joint efforts to ensure the smooth flow of logistics of the Greater Bay Area.

Up to now, there are a total of 95 international services connecting YANTIAN with major ports worldwide, with the number of Europe and US services ranking first in South China, covering all trunk ports in US East Coast, US West Coast, Europe, Canada and other regions.

This year, YANTIAN has a net increase of 13 new routes, including 8 new America routes. These new routes and upgraded services provide customers with more choices and better logistics solutions.

Contribute to the High-quality Development of International Trade and Stability of Global Supply Chain

Despite the pressure from stringent COVID-19 response regulations and the huge volume of container operations, YANTIAN, under the guidance and support of governments at all levels and customs departments, has performed well in both pandemic prevention and productivity improvement. This year, YANTIAN is expected to set a record-high annual throughput and create a new world record as a port run by a single terminal operator in terms of annual throughput

In the future, YANTIAN will continue to seize opportunities brought by the development of the Greater Bay Area and the Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Zone to expand its service network and improve its service level, making more contributions to the high-quality development of the international trade of China and the stability of the global supply chain.