February 25, 2022
YANTIAN Launches "Sea Express" to Support Hong Kong Amid COVID-19 Outbreak
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Following the first shipment of 28-ton vegetables to Hong Kong on February 18, on February 20, the same cargo owner commissioned another two 40-foot reefers fully loaded with 23 tons of fresh vegetables, which were loaded at the dedicated berth at Yantian Port for the shipment of supplies to Hong Kong and left for the destionation on schedule, marking the start of the daily operation of “Sea Express” for daily supplies to Hong Kong.

These fresh vegetables, including Chinese flowering cabbage, Shanghai cabbage, carrots, Chinese kale and so on, were from the vegetable base of Guangzhou Shengyong Agricultural Co., Ltd., and were delivered to YANTIAN by Shenzhen Lingyu Logistics. In seven hours, the vegetables arrived at Hong Kong for distribution to the local markets. As of February 24, 102 tons of vegetables have been delivered to Hong Kong from Yantian Port, together with food, tableware, paper towels and other daily necessities through this "Sea Express".

Daily Service Ensures Steady Supply of FreshFood and Daily Necessities to Hong Kong

In order to ensure the supply of fresh food, daily necessities and anti-epidemic supplies for residents in Hong Kong, YANTIAN launches the daily “Sea Express” by leveraging the feeder network between Yantian Port and ports in Hong Kong to quickly respond to the market demand. At the same time, YANTIAN has set up a 24-hour "green lane" in its gatehouse for daily supplies to Hong Kong. It has also allocated dedicated berths, quay cranes, and storage areas out of its densely occupied container yard to improve operational efficiency.

Daily supplies for Hong Kong are loaded onto the feeder at the dedicated berth at YANTIAN

Zero Delay in Customs Clearance for Daily Supplies to Hong Kong

The transport of fresh food and daily necessities needs to be time-efficient. With the support from the Customs and under the clearance mode of "advance declaration and shipside loading ", YANTIAN is able to realize speedy cargo release. With facilitation measures like preferential inspection, the cargo pending for inspection can be released on the same day to ensure "zero delay" in clearance procedures.

Fight Against the Pandemic Together to Support Hong Kong

At present, the severe situation of COVID-19 in Hong Kong has greatly affected the safety and wellbeing of Hong Kong people and its economy. YANTIAN assumes its social responsibility as a key port, dedicates resources to prioritise the transport of daily supplies to Hong Kong with the support and guidance from Shenzhen government governments at all levels, the Transport Bureau, the Customs and other port supervisory authorites to support Hong Kong’s fight against COVID-19.

Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of Hutchison Ports YANTIAN, said, "YANTIAN, as a pacesetter of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong coorperation, will do its utmost to ensure the smooth and stable supply of daily necessities to Hong Kong. I am convinced that, as long as we are united as one, Hong Kong will definitely win this battle against the virus!"

Zhang Yanjun, President of Shenzhen Fortwell Logistics, said, "YANTIAN's 'Sea Express' is a great help to us! YANTIAN actively coordinated all parties involved within two days to support the whole process from food inspection, loading, customs declaration and clearance, and loading onto the feeder. We would also like to thank Shenzhen Dapeng Customs and Hong Kong Food and Environment Hygiene Department for their support! Next our company will continue to enhance cooperation with YANTIAN to transport more fresh food and daily supplies to Hong Kong and make our due contribution to ensure the normal supply of daily necessities to Hong Kong."


Together, We Fight the Virus!

Hong Kong, We Will Always Stand by You!

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