April 14, 2022
New International Trade Services and New Records of the Express Feeder Service to Hong Kong
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On April 10, YANTIAN received ZIM’s new service with the call of “MH Green”. From March 27 to April 10, YANTIAN welcomed three new US. and Canada services and one upgraded service in just 14 days — Maersk's new US west coast service "TP28" and the upgraded service "TP20", ZIM's Canada service "ZNP" and E-Commerce express service "ZXB" to US east coast. YANTIAN continues to introduce new services to its existing portfolio to meet the growing market demand, and has by far received seven international services this year.

YANTIAN is the only port of call of Maersk's "TP28" and "TP20" services in South China

In order to meet the growing demand for cargo transportation to the east coast of US, Maersk launched a new service "TP28". Meanwhile, it upgraded the "TP20" service with upsized vessel fleet. Both services have Yantian Port as their only port of call in South China.

The new service "TP28" follows a port rotation of Vũng Tàu, Yantian, Ningbo, Shanghai, Mobile, Miami, and Norfolk, and its first sailing called at YANTIAN on March 27. The upgraded "TP20" has added Jakarta as the port of call, and now its port rotation is Jakarta, Yantian, Ningbo, Shanghai, Charleston (North), and Norfolk, with the first sailing calling at YANTIAN on April 2.

The first port of call for both services in China is YANTIAN, allowing importers and exporters of South China to enjoy more priority for slot allocation and more slots.


ZIM's "ZNP" and "ZXB" made their inaugural calls at YANTIAN;
"ZXB" provides premium E-Commerce express services


The first vessel of "ZNP" service called at YANTIAN on April 8, which was also the first Canada service of ZIM calling at Yantian Port. Its port rotation is Kaohsiung, Yantian, Ningbo, Shanghai, Busan, Vancouver, and Busan, providing a new option for fast and efficient export of cargo to the US and Canada.

On April 10, YANTIAN welcomed another new service of ZIM, "ZXB", following a port rotation of Boston, Yantian, Cai Mep, Baltimore, and New York. This service is one of the premium E-Commerce express lines operated by ZIM.

Cross-border E-Commerce cargo requires fast shipping, flexible operation, and stable services. As the terminal of choice for cross-border E-Commerce in South China, YANTIAN is committed to improving its cross-border E-Commerce logistics services, providing "one-stop clearance procedures" for cross-border E-Commerce logistics enterprises to facilitate cargo export in a fast and efficient manner. Now, with the "ZXB" service, YANTIAN can further meet the huge demand for cross-border E-Commerce logistics in South China and even the whole country.


YANTIAN continues to enrich its service portfolio;  
the number of Europe and US services listed No. 1 in South China

In the first quarter of this year, congestion in ports overseas and unstable vessel schedules led to sudden cancellation of vessel calls to Yantian Port, while local uncertainties posed more challenges to the growth of container volumes. Given last year's high throughput base, more effort is required to fulfill the annual target.

On the basis of ensuring the supply chain stability and the smooth operation of the express feeder service to Hong Kong, YANTIAN works with shipping lines to introduce new services to meet the market demand. Since this year, YANTIAN has received seven new services, including three US east coast services, one US west coast service, two Asia services and one Europe service. Up to now, YANTIAN has the largest number of Europe and US services in South China, covering all major ports in the US east and west coasts, Europe, Canada and other countries and regions. Among its international services, there are 15 services for E-Commerce, including 12 U.S. and Canada services, and three Australia services.


New records of the express feeder service to Hong Kong

On April 8, the "YANTIAN-Hong Kong" express feeder service set a new record for single-day throughput — handling 1,374 TEU and 8,242 tons of cargo in a single day, which was the fifth new record since March. The number of feeder companies operating this express service has increased from one to eight, providing a total of five to nine services per day.


On March 29, YANTIAN-Hong Kong express feeder service created a new record for the total volume of inbound and outbound cargo in a single day, handling 2,170 TEU of cross-border cargo weighing over 13,000 tons. This is the fourth time that the service has set new record in one month. YANTIAN will continue to enhance the efficiency and capacity of Shenzhen-Hong Kong waterway transportation, fully supporting Hong Kong in the epidemic.

The favourable geographical location, well-developed transportation network, and convenient clearance procedures of YANTIAN have attracted cargo owners in the hinterland to choose it as the preferred port of shipment, whether by land transportation, intermodal service, or port alliance. In the future, YANTIAN will further expand its service network, improve port service quality and efficiency, and work together with relevant government departments to make more contributions to the development of Shenzhen as a port-based national logistics hub and a first-class hub city.


In the face of the pandemic, YANTIAN will firmly work with port supervisory authorities and other government departments to make timely adjustments and launch more effective measures to ensure the smooth flow of traffic around the port area and achieve the best COVID-19 preventive result with minimal cost, minimising the impact of the epidemic on port operations, and facilitating economic and social development.