July 11, 2022
YANTIAN Unleashes DG Storage Capacity to Promote Foreign Trade Smoothly
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Export demand of lithium battery DG in South China has surged since this year. YANTIAN anticipates the development demand timely, obtains official permission, and leads the way in implementing the “Port Operation safety requirements Part 3: DG Containers” (GB16994.3-2021) (hereinafter referred to as the new version of GB), which releases the DG storage capacity greatly. According to the new version of GB, the containers loaded with Class 9 solid DG in GB6944-2012, when the cargoes don’t have other hazard, packing group is not Class I/Class II, and doesn’t belong to dangerous chemicals. They can be mixed stacking with general cargo containers, including lithium battery DG.

微信图片_20220727112146.pngDG Class 9 Yard in YANTIAN.

Anticipating the increasing demand, YANTIAN set up a project team immediately, and with the support and guidance of Shenzhen Transport Bureau, commissioned the Institute of Water Transport Science of the Transport Ministry to prepare a safety evaluation report, which passed the expert review meeting. Shenzhen Transport Bureau takes the advantage of being an early and pilot demonstration zone in Shenzhen, checks documents and facilities strictly, reviews the information overtime, and issued the license to YANTIAN on June 2.  

The proportion of lithium battery DG is about 50% in previous DG operation volume, and the implementation of the new version of GB will greatly improve the DG storage capacity. Therefore, YANTIAN cancels the DG quota and resumes DG transshipment from the day of issuing the license to meet the needs better. Double-digit growth was recorded in June after releasing DG storage capacity. We appreciate the support and guidance from the local departments of transportation, housing and construction, and ecology and environment in the process of promoting this project. YANTIAN will continue focusing on the “Dual Coordination” mode which contains safety production and economic development in accordance with the government’s requirements, enforce all DG safety management measures strictly, provide quality port services to customers under the premise of ensuring safety production, and make greater contributions to the economic development of export trade in South China.